Electronic Humor Magazine
Edited by Brent C.J. Britton

General Information


NutWorks Electronic Humor Magazine is a free publication that is sent out over BITNET and other computer networks. It is a place for writers of humorous essays, stories, and jokes to share their work with other computer users around the world.

NutWorks is "published" (nearly) once a month between September, (or so), and June, (roughly), and (perhaps) once during the summer. Each new issue is sent automatically to those who have signed-up on the NutWorks subscription list, (see "Subscriptions" below). Back issues are placed on various network file servers, (see "Back Issues" below). ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Information about NutWorks

Vol I, Issue 1, January 1985

Vol I, Issue 2, February 1985

Vol I, Issue 3, March 1985

Vol I, Issue 4, April 1985

Vol II, Issue 1, September 1985

Vol II, Issue 2, October 1985

Vol II, Issue 3, November 1985

Vol II, Issue 4, December 1985

Vol II, Issue 5, February 1986

Vol II, Issue 6, March 1986

Vol II, Issue 7, April 1986

Vol II, Issue 8, May 1986

Vol III, Issue 1, October 1986

Vol III, Issue 2, December 1986

Vol IV, Issue 1, January 1987

Vol IV, Issue 2, February 1987

Vol IV, Issue 3, April 1987

Vol IV, Issue 4, May 1987

Vol V, Issue 1, July 1987

Vol V, Issue 2, October 1987

Vol VI, Issue 1, January 1988

Vol VI, Issue 2, February 1988

Vol VI, Issue 3, May 1988

Vol VI, Issue 4, July 1988

Vol VII, Issue 1, January 1989

Vol VII, Issue 2, July 1989

Now also the two lost issues!

I want to take this opportunity to thank Barry Haldiman for sending me these two gems of history.

Vol VIII, Issue 1, November 1989

Vol VIII, Issue 2, March 1990

I hope you have enjoyed these bits of history. If you have something that you think would fit in, please do send it.