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H Y S T E R T A P E S:

*all gone already. some of the material got released on cd-r in 2002 behalf of musically incorrect records (MIR#6),
it was an split release with skullpture.

DIETER MUH: doin? it dresden style (HYSTER02, 2003)
*recycled tape, 38min of finest DM live action from yr 2000. recorded in dresden squat A.Z. Conni. edition of 50. sold out.

XXIII: live at la-bas (HYSTER03, 2007)
*when active totally unknown and now defunct finnish group that got started as simple harsh trash metal gatherering/beating
exercise and eventually evolved into more "civilized", slightly gamelan-like outfit which main characteristic seemed
to be the fact that every instrument, whether electric guitar or piece of scrap metal sheet, is a percussion instrument.
this is the first actual release, recording of their third or fourth (opinions differ) gig, from year 2004.
about 40 minutes. recycled tape. edition of 50 copies.
1,5e + postages

YOUR OWN SHADOW BLOCKS THE LIGHT compilation tape (HYSTER04, 2007)
*C60 including pieces of:
XXIII (sleepy scrap metal percussion, lo-fi guitar amplifier hum & feedback + some old weak synth sounds)
kyt?& suihkonen (gently delayed plucked scrapings of the violin)
culver (lo-fi guitars on top of other guitars & buzz from UK)
grey park (imitation of life as stern asian man in sound of space gone quite terribly wrong)
destroy all tie fighters (moving sough & feedback of guitars bowed and vocals)
mosaic antenna (very taped recordings of rumblings of odd lo-fi objects in jyv?kyl?
yuriyuri (hi-fi recording of extended exercise on highpitched analogue whine)
its probably the best thing since free bread!
recycled tapes & edition of 100 copies
2e + postages

GREY PARK: 2 x live at koko theatre (HYSTER05, 2007)
*two gigs played & recorded at koko theatre, helsinki. first one is from year 2004 and the second almost precisely two years after that.
eerie and oddly cultivated droning lo-fi ambient noise made with effect boxes, couple of radios, tapes, one laptop, one vintage synth and
three assholes.
dubbed on whatever. edition of three million copies.
1,5e + postages

*C30 tape of seriously alienated and politically hysterical steal©-paste electro-pop-disco. 5 hits recorded live in various spots
(atleast one of them got burned down soon after the gig. coincidence..? YES!) around finland during years 02, 03 and 04.
on recyloid pates and an edition of 32 copies. all gone already!

CULVER: they killed suzie carter (HYSTER07, 2008)
*a side 13+ min of splendid and terribly static yet somehow grisly, psychedelic drone from UK. b side little bit longer and bit harsher but
more or less the same. quite the pick for one of those nights when the mirror stops working the way it should. very good.
50 copies. recycled tapes.
1,5e + postages

RE-CLIP: notes (HYSTER08, 2009)
*superb 50+min selection from a vault of 10 years (1999-2009) worth of pretty funky techno/electro lo-fi clicks, cuts, clippings, tiny broken beats,
odd ambient stylings, home field-recordings and even some quite mr.oizoesque rhythms. works very well while you aimlessly wander
thru that desolate, nightly/daily urban landscape you quite erroneously call your home.
editon 0f 50 copies, recyckeld dapes. all done and done.

SECOND ONE compilation tape (HYSTER09, 2010)
*about 60min compilation of sounds from finland, czech and USA. artists are: aiko, crank sturgeon, re-clip, cleavage, hiss nausea and varropas.
expect deep washing drone work-out, crazy rural sound/vocal concretism, nightshift city ambience, weak guitar noise digging, hoisting of the 13cm,
10000 ton flag and soothing static guitar + vintage analogue synth slow sleep-o. its all quite monumental!
was edition of 59 copies, all gone.

HISS NAUSEA / NOLLS split (HYSTER10, 2011)
*hiss nausea one man hypno blend of looped vocal excorsism & guitar drone from czech, nolls 2 x guitar 1 x drums trio of improvised "rock"
scuzz recorded on tape in the red from finzch.
32 copies, recycled tapes. sold out

MELOPHOBIA / NOLLS: split (HYSTER11, 2011)
*side a: residue of digital skulls drifting in oceans of electronic singularity OR slowly floating, thin yet heavy, shiny UV objects in dark singing
in greek. singing for instance "αγορά".
side b: one mumbled vocal, 2 x electic guitar & drums outsanding improck similarities of some lo-fi western world past times recorded on
traveling quality mono tapes + one nation song.
recycled tapes, edit. 32.

*C&M side droning noisey argentina/netherlands collaboration recorded live in holland 2009, N side 2guitar-drums-vocals improvisatory
fin-fin-fin ollaboration recorded year 2011 at a basement in.. well, finland.
on recycled tapes ofcourse & edition of 35 copies. all gone..

*D.B.H a whirling miasma of non-language caribian-drone hypna-step with tiny sweet tocks that try to groove a bit while A.M tries to
survive and keep IT super-alive in N.Y.C. with piano and vocals. was edition of 50 on recycled tapes.

THIRD NUMBER compilation tape (HYSTER14, 2012)
*almost 40 cosmopolitan minutes of experimental noises, drones, humms, and suchlike sounds from russia, ukraine, argentina, spain
and france. presented are: the post-materialists, anla courtis, dao de noize, carlos villena, Лосось
Тихоокеанский Потрошеный
and uton.
1,5e + postages, prob edition of 50 copies

UTON / GREY PARK: split (HYSTER15, 2012)
*UTON whole lotta liquidish alien sounds from northwestern france rec. during year 2012. GP delayed, odd, murky lo-fi tapeloop
pieces rec. in southern finland between years 1979-2012.
2e + postages. recycled tapes, edition of 50.

VARROPAS: untitled LP (HYSTER16 / IKU-039, 2013)
*12", 33rpm released in collaboration with Ikuisuus label from tampere. two long tracks of excelent, staticish, crackling n hissing lo-fi
ambient made with electric guitar, effects and synths that fit on a vinyl like a glove.
10e + postages

*23 minutes that consist of 3 minutes of mild metal clanging & saxophone blowing, 8 min crumb of lo-fi mass of tape noise, 6 minutes
of yelling and throwing objects around inside a building close by some children and recording of a 6min spacey krautish electronic drone
performed at a pub in lithuania. plays in this order: leitmotiv limbo, grey park, YOL and %20.
2e + postages, recycled tapes 50 copies

*hey! its a plain four song existentialist rock n roll 45 rpm 7" released in collab by the band and bunch of different labels.
5e + postages

KEIJO: koti kaukainen (HYSTER19 / IKU-041 / TNT-33, 2014)
*12" 33rpm, brilliant new Keijo LP. you propably do know Keijo, yes? here are seven new excelent, quite primitive psychedelic, blues / folk songs recorded
2012-2013, all sung in finnish this time.
10e + postages

*TJ&J-side bit heroic and at times rhythmic sound snippets of improvising dual laptops. occasional small sounds. bravely almost touching techno at points.
entertaining, eduvacational and interesting 29 minutes. the fifteen minutes on LS-side are also made up from quite tiny sounds, theres just more of them alike.
illusion of density slowly building and then suddenly almost totally collapsing. much like your life. there is also an reindeer on the cover.
please do use headphones for maximum impact.
50 copies, recycled tapes.
2e + postages

O T H E R T A P E S:

ALTAAT: s/t (IKASUS-038)
*pretty, mellow ambient with atleast synth and electric guitar from turku. kind of basic and very good.
4e + postages

*two fin free rock exp acts, BM live TH not.
4e + postages

CAHIER: vocales (YAK-018)
*perplexed vocal bendings on 4-track with piano and strings. oddly reminds me of sort of one man gybe!/asmz sound that
the guy from Babylon Zoo might have come up with. and make no mistake, thats an compliment! very strange tape..
3e + postages

*C40, on CCH side "recollections of boreal forest" compiled from 10 years worth of recordings on different devices.
on MATOMERI side three songs that showcase multiple faces of free-genre/genre/genre.
i suppose this is the 2nd edition? so that means its SO good they had to make extra copies!
3,50e + postahges

*C20. pretty straightforward drone from spain i suppose.
4e + postages

D.D. DOBSON: the classic of purity (GOODALL TAPES DX1005)
*excelent, weird muddled abstract soundscapes, mangled field recordings (maybe), messy electronic drones, unplaceable
sounds, odd, creeping atmospheres etc etc from USA 85.
*7e + postages

FRICARA PACCHU: faces faces everywhere (IKASUS-023, 2012 reissue)
*C40, 2012 reissue of this 2011 tape of tiny snippets of computerized instrumental songs.
3,50e + postages

GNOM I SNEGOVIK: udivitelniy sad raznoobraznoi musiki (MACRURUS-??)
*this long silver spraypainted + decorated with dingly bright coloured tiny balls tape feels like a russian take on
older JOMF (or NNCK, Sunburned hand of the man, Avarus, even VCO and what had/have you). its free, sketchy, freaky
odd, crude and at times surprisingly moody & atmospheric. highlights include quite cheesy saxophone solo amidst
the confused shouting in russia. so, lets see.. hmm. with groups like this & Polypus Acephalous, Vyazkiy Sharab, Novoe
Tsarstvo, Post-Materialists
.. yes sir its clear - celebrate the forming of the new weird CCCP! very good!
3e + postages

*four finnish pop / rock bands recorded in a karaoke bar. three songs each. messy lo-fi quality. thirty minutes.
young and hungry or old and starving?
4e + postages

*Concrete and Stepanoff with guitars, percussions, synths/laptop, vocals and piano in Porvoo AD 2005.
athmospheric, creepy, devastating and totally disorienting experience. i think they recorded some things under
the name ANTI/UTON some years ago..
4 euro + postages

H.Ö.H.: hidasälyinen (NO LABEL)
*thick, crude, lo-fi noise obscurity from finland 2014. a treat of arson.
4e + postages

INNERCITY: 2 (IKASUS-020, 2011 reissue)
*full of sweet & chaotic experimental electronic noisey ambient sounds.
4e + postages

INNERCITY: clone dinner (IKASUS-030)
*pretty similar like the one above. maybe this time just slightly more damaged, chaotic and anxious sounding. atleast side A is. weird act.
3,50e + postages

*C-40 of quite crude, repeatish experimentalism. mostly made with home-made instruments, an fact you can actually sense pretty well
from the tape.
4e + postages

JORGE VICARIO: broken music (JZK030)
*C40 tape that sounds at times like a skipping cd-player with a bit of soul. could be filed under minimal easy-listening
glitch, maybe? dont know if on purpose or not but anyway well fitting for this release, the liner notes are also written
in very broken english. nice listen.

LÖRSSON: lepakkomies helsinki 23.2.2013 (PAS-2)
*quite best, not metal.
6e + postages

LEITMOTIV LIMBO: limbo / wind swept (SM01)
*now, this tape from australia at times resembles so much cabaret voltaires attic tapes that its impossible to not to mention!
stark, minimal,lo-fi, very strange and often just downright creepy soundscapes/songs made mainly with saxophone (or some
suchlike wind instrument[s]), crude electronics, occasional beaten metal junk and blurred vocals. covers look like theyve been
somehow programmed with VCR on a piece of tapestry and the tapes been spraypainted with.. something.
4e + postages

*live material recorded at a pub in vallila, helsinki 2010-11 from these:
dear beloved henry, alexei borisov, beriman, nesa and the nestikles, long-sam, o. sam. a, dito medio,
bon jarno
and olimpia splendid. last copy
5e + postage

*about 30min of live material from both. side a minimalism recorded in norway, side b maximalism recorded in lithuania.
both selections from year 2010.
3e + postages

MUSIQUE CONCRETE: bringing up baby (UD10 / RRR)
5e + postages

*about 20 minutes: three noisy pop punk/rock songs made with guitar, vocal, drums and tape + some european fieldrecordings, couple jammed
guitar/amp, looped tapedeck+delay, synth, objects etc pieces. released year 2014.
3e + postages

OGRE / UMPIO: split (BRcass6)
*two long tracks of slightly noisy, menacing yet pretty mellow droning experimental electronics with hints of scrap metal or bowls and bit
of odd vocalizing on side O. one great, great UKFIN split!
3e + postages

RE-CLIP: s/t (IKASUS-031)
*exceklent irregular / regular beats, snaps, loops and bleebs for urban outdoor, indoor situations. cool and solid.
3.50e + postages

*more or less danish sounds, A 38:49 B 29:40.
4e + hostages

*two noise jams recorded in siberia at the end of 2013. A side by vyazkiy sharab & inorganic blossoming. side B by alexander markwart, bruzgynai & vyazkiy sharab.
3e + postages

STUDYS / RNDMTX: split (t.ed-003)
*both bands involve personel who still are or have been participating in the past atleast in these following acts;
aiko, vapaa, re-clip, aan, boris morgana, kulkija, kolmipiikki, rambling boys, last night on earth,
tulasi, uton, witch christ, two who, varropas, pollyvox, grey park, iltasyntsa, basement boys, the magick
travelling backpack band, mustat kalsarit, sangesuga, köötte
and iltapesu. just to mention few.
theres wrong funk of disco electronics, theres spastic and noisy guitars and then theres wildly inept drumming
and talk of "getting stuff".
3e + postages

*C-90 of sounds from america circa 1997-2005 A.D. lots fine!
4e + postages.

*skaterock, runaways, skeletons and piccolos. if you dont appreciate this then youre living all wrong & your children will be next.
4e + postages

*quite oddly named compilation incl. sounds from leitmotiv limbo, kristian m. roberts and grey park. some well detailed sound edits,
some not so. abstract and ambient and lo-fi and noisey and glitch? maybe.
5e + postages

TULASI / CALIGNE: split (JZK022)
*this particular copy of this C40 split of italian (i think) and finnish cozy & solid new ageish, folkye experimentalism has been
by mistake sent once from finland to california and then back. now, have you ever been to california? buy this tape and youll
never have to go. cheaper AND less hazardous to environment than the helicopter ride you were planning. and musicwise? yes,
this tape has on C side one long song and on T side five songs, one of which is called "imminence of YU55".
4e + postages

UTON: live in death (BREAD AND ANIMALS)
*C40, two live shows recorded in France (w/ Bridget Hayden in Reims) + odd spoken word/field-recording piece
where some man makes it pretty clear that its "OK"... both shows are actually surprisingly noisy affairs, this being
UTON afterall..
4e + post

WOLF FLUORESCENCE: unwavering, achronymous (JZK021)
*now, umm..what a name! both the band and the title. im loss at words here. sound was very static ambient humm, not at all bad
actually.. but its.. just..that name. cant get over it no way.
4e + postgaes

VYAZKIY SHARAB: cosmic world of Charles (SPR-002)
*label says siberian mushroom noise but what i mostly hear is odd minimal, somehow slightly psychedelic, not very
electronic experimental lo-fi scratch, knock and humm. its not that noisy. theres also jew,s harp and flute heard in
some pieces. very strange stuff indeed & recommended.
3e + posatges

S O M E V I N Y L S:

AMPH: polar / mongol 12" (sprach 07)
*45rpm from year 2013. two massive droning & falling pieces of concrete, arctic soundcraft. their aproach reminds
me of finnish duo MNEM yet this sounds somehow bit more "planned" and psychedelic without being at all spacey?
is that possible? yep. very, very good listen & truly recommended!
10e + postages

GREY PARK: heliosis / severe heliosis 7" (planned confusion 01)
*33 rpm from year 2006, recorded couple years before that. drone or noise or ambient.
side B is side A mistakenly digitalized terribly wrong.
5e + postages

GX JUPITTER-LARSEN: big time crash bang 2008 "12 (RRR-001)
*yes, well, an LP thats built up using car crashes as the only sound source. if you have a car with a turntable i
suppose this one is a must. and even if you dont own a car its still very exciting listen!
13e + postages

*45rpm from year 2010. side A warm mutant club music, side AA cold 80s electro.
one song / side.
5e + postages

*33rpm from year 2012. on side A two sogs, one odd, dark, lo-fi dubsteppish chiptuneism and other
weird jolly caribean self-improvement electro. on B side one improvised rhythmic electronic music piece.
5e + postages

NOLLS: losing game / here before 7" (LOT002)
*45rpm from year 2014. two quite buzzing/noisy pop-oriented punk/rock songs made with quitar
and drums and decorated with seemingly random noise scuzz and fieldrecordings from abroad.
5e + postages

POST-MATERIALISTS: moist rita & glyptique 7" (PMM101)
*one sided, 33rpm single from russia 2012. two tracks on side A, "moist rita" excelent, quite Residentsesque,
airy and pretty minimal weirdly smoky little affair of a song with very muffled vocals in what i suppose is russia.
"glyptique" shorter instrumental piece with a nice saxophone motif with confused tiny guitar(?) noise. on side B
artwork and letters on red. silk screened covers, 8 page booklet informing you whats what + yellow voyerism
themed postcard of sorts. solid.
6e + postages

ROGER MILLER: POP Record/evolving 7" (RRR-104)
*one sided 7" playable at any speed (though id say it sounds better on 33rpm..). side A made from parts of records
before the music starts or the grooves between the songs. according to the info on the covers following records were used:
James Brown: Heaven and hell, Frank Sinatra: The great hits of Frank, The ink spots: A new hi-fidelity recording,
Mission of burma: VS., I. Xenakis: Electro acoustic music, Billy Holiday: Solitude, Doris Day: Secret loves,
The beatles: Meet the beatles, Black Sabbath: Black sabbath & Paranoid, The adventures of lone ranger, +
some unnamed chinese records found on the street in Boston and a sci-fi record from Japan.
and on side B? four bars of Bachs Fugue XVI inscribed/scratched to the vinyl.
5e + postages

ROMUTUS: EP 7" (Neko Records, Brown Records, Mögähead, Karkia Mistika Records)
*ok, 7" collab. effort of Umpio and Noituus. i suppose thats more than enough info?
5e + postages

TAMING POWER: Selected Works 1992-98 10" (EMR-005)
*quite crude, at times cacophonic and oddly natural yet somehow totally alien (industrial) experimental music from Norway.
sounds somehow like bit more humane Erkki K.? does that even make sense? anyhow: excelent & very inspiring listen!
11e + postages

TAMING POWER: Twenty-One Pieces 2 x 12" (EMR-018)
*two LPs worth of experimental electronics, meditative improlike electric guitar excursions, soothing minimal synth pieces,
manipulated fieldrecordings, tape experiments and else recorded between years 1998 - 2009. side B sounds bit creepy
(in a good way) at times but other than that its very, very pleasant & amazingly otherwordly listen all around.
20e + postages

C O U P L E Z I N E S:

*the mailorder issue, interviews on the subject with operators RRR, Volcanic Tongue, Millstone Vinyl, Mimaroglu
and Tordon Ljud. basically its collection of texts of grown up men lamenting over receiving bizarre objects via mail
ten or twenty years ago. so in other words: 5/5 and essential!
3e + postages

*interviews: altar of flies, good area and spoils & relics + reviews and articles.. one on HNW thats quite mental. great!
3e + postages

*interviews: sky needle, kostis kilymis and label misanthropic agenda. other topics: vanilla records & wellenfeld. also: reviews.
3e + postages

*A5 xerox zine sis. iron fist of the sun, perikato, throat, psychedelica records, tommi keränen, sink sekä
a dear girl called wendy haastattelut + muutaman kolumnin ja levyarvostelun. erinomaisen halpa, yksinkertainen
ja toimiva läpyskä.
1e + postit

*totaalinen pyöräretki suomen sydämeen.
4e + postit

*kaikki tietää. tälläkertaa asiaa mm. seuraavista: voivod, captain beefheart, echo is your love, big boys,
flipper, stack waddy, country dark, ilpo saastamoinen, killdozer, peter brötzmann, chestburster, hungrytown,
peter ivers, world mänkeri orchestra, jne jne.
6e + postit

*sis. mm. juttuja sarjiksista, nikola teslasta, bobb trimblestä, monksista sekä liimanarina-, black lizard- sekä
video-haastattelut. ja muuta!
2e + postit

*sis. raportit mm. yhdellä jalalla seisomisen SM ennätyksen lyömisyrityksestä, räjäyttäjien soittoreissusta ruotsiin
sekä artikkelit vesivessoista, snickers-patukoista sekä spacemen 3:stä.. jne? jne!
2e + postit

*ok.. heres interviews with ceramic hobs, elizabeth veldon, pete um, jah excretion and concrete/field, article about adolf steg and some
excelent, to the point and entertaining / zine / live reviews + 8 page insert about anti-fascism & music + degenerate waves badge
+ two colour postcards.
4e + postages

trades for HYSTER tapes always OK, other items: ask first. thanks.

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