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10.09.2021 LOST SNIVEL: Further down the sprora (HYSTER32) tape available now

some reviews from possible places added there.

H Y S T E R T A P E S:

*aprox. 10 copies, all gone

DIETER MUH: doin? it dresden style (HYSTER02, 2003)
*50 copies, all gone

XXIII: live at la-bas (HYSTER03, 2007)
*50 copies, all gone

YOUR OWN SHADOW BLOCKS THE LIGHT compilation tape (HYSTER04, 2007)
*100 copies, all gone

GREY PARK: 2 x live at koko theatre (HYSTER05, 2007)
*two gigs played & recorded at koko theatre, helsinki. first one is from year 2004 and the second almost precisely two years after that.
eerie and oddly cultivated droning lo-fi ambient noise made with effect boxes, couple of radios, tapes, one laptop, one vintage synth and
three assholes.
dubbed on whatever. edition of three million copies.
2e + postages

*32 copies, all gone

CULVER: they killed suzie carter (HYSTER07, 2008)
*50 copies, all gone

RE-CLIP: notes (HYSTER08, 2009)
*50 copies, all gone

SECOND ONE compilation tape (HYSTER09, 2010)
*59 copies, all gone.

HISS NAUSEA / NOLLS split (HYSTER10, 2011)

*32 copies, all gone

MELOPHOBIA / NOLLS: split (HYSTER11, 2011)
*32, all gone

*35 copies, all gone

*50 copies, all gone

THIRD NUMBER compilation tape (HYSTER14, 2012)
*50 copies, all gone

UTON / GREY PARK: split (HYSTER15, 2012)

*50 copies, all gone

VARROPAS: untitled LP (HYSTER16 / IKU-039, 2013)
*12", 33rpm released in collaboration with Ikuisuus label from tampere. two long tracks of excelent, staticish, crackling n hissing lo-fi
ambient made with electric guitar, effects and synths that fit on a vinyl like a glove.
10e + postages

*was 50 copies, all gone

*hey! its a plain four song existentialist rock n roll 45 rpm 7" released in collab by the band and bunch of different labels.
5e + postages

KEIJO: koti kaukainen (HYSTER19 / IKU-041 / TNT-33, 2014)
*12" 33rpm, brilliant new Keijo LP. you propably do know Keijo, yes? here are seven new excelent, quite primitive psychedelic, blues / folk songs recorded
2012-2013, all sung in finnish this time.
10e + postages

*was 50 copies, all gone

was 51 copies, all gone

GRYKE PYJE: fragments of high sensitivity (HYSTER22 / IKU-043, 2016)
*12" 33rpm full of wonderful, bright, colorful, dense dream logic and coincidentally intimidating psychedelic electronics, objects and sounds in a
mindboggling covers that will most likely render all your other new age LPs obsolete but you will feel pretty allright with that in the end.
12e + postages

ZOE POLANSKI: inertia - music from the motion picture (HYSTER23, 2017)
was 30 copies, all gone

*one 15 min track of excelent tiny synth clicks, undercurrents and urban fieldrecs from I.B. and two c. 7 min tracks
of quite minimal, dry, wavering & shiny experimental electronics + voice from J.G. not confusing, brilliant.
32 copies, recycled tapes
2e + postages

LEITMOTIV LIMBO / RNPno.2: split (HYSTER25, 2018)
*L.L bit louring, minimal & spacey DIY synth & electronic thought workouts from australia
RNPno.2 assorted electronics, instruments & percussions lying in a mildly intoxicated basement in northern europa.
robot life, improvised
c. 50 copies, recycled tapes
2e + postages

GREY PARK: olic banquet (HYSTER26, 2018)
*13 tracks on 1 sided tape in 42 minutes equals 56 copies on recycled tapes.
neat & comprehensible
2e + postages

A HANDFUL OF DUST: the eightness of Adam Qadmon (HYSTER27 / IKU56, 2019)
*vinyl LP reissue of cassette originally released in 1994 by Corpus Hermeticum.
15e + postages

RE-CLIP: noon (HYSTER28, 2019)
*nona hora, the ninth hour of the day or the liturgical term none. change that takes 2 centuries, yet from midday
to midnight always sounding the same. also: birds get reduced to tiny cracks, mechanics of cassette deck gets amplified,
boiling cut classic loops, mangled sights from far east, wide ancient clock barely existing etc.
NOTE: the gaps, drops and "malfunctions" during the last track are part of the program, all copies are OK.
50 copies on recycled, one sided tape. 43 minutes.
file under real twilight zone
2e + postages

YOL/LLOYD/POSSET / RNPno.2 split (HYSTER29,2019)
*A side: dictaphones, small metals, lurid stuttering, heavy breathing and shouted matter. B side: static panned,
an feeling and a short fieldrec of mild confusion.
50 copies, recycled tapes
laughter, forgiveness, commitment, tradition and fear.
2e + postages

D.D. DOBSON: ritual bath (HYSTER30, 2020)
*odd transmission(s) from california - for example: insects shuffling, crawling thru western breeze pipes,
bubbling under mangled broadcasts and shiny diamond caves, minimal groove & inept yet spirited horn action,
skewed house of mirrored sound and tar pit jazz from planet mud.
could be thought as a kind of parallel tape with LAL DDD release called "Cycles of celebrations" since
material on both tapes is culled from same session.
free from deceit
50 copies, recycled tapes
2e + postages

*two tracks, one 30min static of cold drones and lo-fi hiss, another 13 min of layered and loud field recordings gathered
at Point Abino, Crystal Beach, Ontario, Canada. same material on both sides of tape.
recycled tapes, 38 copies.
2e + postages

LOST SNIVEL: further down the spora (HYSTER32, 2021)
*C60 of questions, answers, piano, squirrel swirl, found synth, audience collaboration etc
edition of 50 copies on recycled cassettes (abt 60% on maxell)
the end is ______ near
2e + postages

O T H E R T A P E S:

ALTAAT: s/t (IKASUS-038)
*pretty, mellow ambient with atleast synth and electric guitar from turku. kind of basic and very good.
4e + postages

AMEK DRONE ENSEMBLE: op. 1 (amex002)
*one long improvisational drone piece recorded during "Sofia drone day" on May 25, 2019 at Fabrika
Avtonomia in Sofia, Bulgaria.
6e + postages

*if youre going to get just one Amek collective release this year it should be this collaboration tape.
might be the pinnacle of the label so far..
6e + postages

*here are three tracks of digital, crepuscular and slightly gallant neofolk with sounds that sound like theres
a moderately conservative preset configurations kept on keyboards and other machines. this might do well
as a soundtrack for a fantasy themed computer game? have to say that at this point in time i really have no
way of knowing if this is any good or not. experts mention its promising. its also prob quite rare since there
are only 33 copies made.
7e + postages

ANOTHER WAY: Az Idő Rövid Története (POSTHUMAN PROD 003)
*some sort of modern, quite technical and clean sounding fast punk from hungary. short songs, most go
just barely over one minute. i dont know what to say.
ps.the cassette covers are also quite technical and very DIY!
3e + postages

ARSENY LITVIN: Requiem: Last Lullaby For Riurik (PMR_51)
*calm & static 40+ minute ambient/drone with a nice music box-like motif going on and on.
one sound-element might be a bit slowed down recording of cat´s purr..? a pleasant listen.
Riuruk (2013-2019) was a cat.
3e + postages

ARSENY LITVIN: red album (l.album pour enfants) (PMR_56)
*curious tape collague of slightly effected dialogue snippets in russia, experimental electronics, bit of noise,
bit of drone, couple tracks of odd children-song-like structures, some beats etc etc. rather dada.
3e + postages

AUTHARKTOS: carpetscapes (TCD1432017)
*basically a nice experimental tape of droning sine waves and/or keyboards, tiny sounds, garbled tape whine,
confused atmospheres, the usual fare. all good & fine. yet what makes this tape stand out a bit is its way odd
production values and choices - there is really weird digital crap glitch on top of everything through the whole tape,
sometimes it fits almost magically and sometimes its really fucking annoying. its close to a sound you might get when
recording something really loud with cheap earbuds. this tape is edition of 18 copies.. which is probably just fine since
it is clearly not for everyone. file under: annoying, limited, baltic & brilliant.
ps. somehow this tape also reminds me at times of Crochet from UK.. i have no idea why.
4e + postages

BARDO TODOL / DEVID CIAMPALINI: el origen del pensamiento magico (IKASUS-063)
*pretty inspired collaboration between two italians and one argentine. new ageish / ambient, experimental synth /
electronics with odd snippets of field recordings, effected monologues, shallow & tiny drumming, bells, toys and
such, all assembled into an weird, flowing collage. really diverse & really good!
5e + postages

*two fin free rock exp acts, BM live TH not.
4e + postages

CAHIER: vocales (YAK-018)
*perplexed vocal bendings on 4-track with piano and strings. oddly reminds me of sort of one man gybe!/asmz sound that
the guy from Babylon Zoo might have come up with. and make no mistake, thats an compliment! very strange tape..
4e + postages

*quite minimal/simple and bit experimental electronic beats and occasional weird, atmospheric
female vocals of mainly "oohs" and "aahs". there might be also some lyrical content here and there but
really its impossible to say for sure. long tracks of not much happening. quite a lot of tape hiss, some cable
malfunctions and such. really good (recycled) tape!
4e + postages

COLDSORE: hostile environments (TOTFORM19)
*two excelent, long tracks of menacing, droning and massive electronic buzz n thump with couple of really
effective speech samples. made with self-built electonics / generators and with a strong sociopolitical message
in mind. curiously on side a some of the machines sound like a bunch of whales feedbacking for couple of seconds.
it might be the future.
5e + postages

*C20. pretty straightforward drone from spain i suppose.
4e + postages

*on the tape cover it also states: "NO WORDS FOR THESE KIND OF BIRDS". this is a split tape between Fire moss
and Think of a name, both (maybe) from Canada. side F.M has a four fine minimal pieces made with (mostly scraped
and delayed) violin, bass, keyboards,synth and piano. all is real airy and totally wonderful.
on side T.O.A.N there is a great live recording from year 2018 made in Welland. hard to describe slowly morphing,
meandering, experimental, psychedelic and improvised maze of samples, guitar, bass, loops and such. real good!
5e + postages

D.D. DOBSON: the classic of purity (DX1005)
*excelent, weird muddled abstract soundscapes, mangled fieldrecordings (maybe), messy electronic drones,
unplaceable sounds, odd, creeping atmospheres etc etc from USA 85.
8e + postages

D.D. DOBSON: generic girls (DX1002)
*trading low metals with holy ghosts, fast messages, an sight, attempt of arson, the game, gods slain & blended
onto glass, having metal bucket & then melting mr. & ms. america. thats the story, now you can have the soundtrack too.
recorded in USA, 1982 (mono).
8e + postages

DEL STEPHEN: interdependence map (VACANCY RECS. 027)
*wonderful tape of intriguing and highly personal, soothing, slightly new agey synth noodles and walkman fieldrecs
with occasional, minimal percussion rhythms. real and excellent.
5e + postages

THE DEVIL MAN compilation tape (LTJ-116)
*sound siphoned from random instagram pictures and put onto song titles randomnly taken from book called "the devil man" by E. Wallace.
participants in this winning formulae were: Transuranic Heavy Elements, Hologram Heart, Lryeas, Casual Drinker, Psyke Urtsa, Grey Park,
Mutsis, Uton, Rene Kita, Lörsson, S. Kelly, Przewalski's Horses, Suonuotio, Lotus TAJ, Bear Heaven, Olli Aarni and Puiset Heilat.
the Lörsson track is genius. this tape is well worth the 5e for that track alone. go listen from the 267 lattajjaa bandcamp if you dont comprehend.
C70, limited to 60.
5e + postages

DGR DBBLMN & KUUP: kajalood (TCD1302017)
*quite hypnotic, bit technoish, maybe improvised, duo electronics/synth music from estonia. sounds really nice & pleasant. you might place
this in the middle on a imaginary line drawn from mr. oizo to iltasyntsa. maybe. sounds also seem to slowly disintegrate towards the end of
side b, which is cool. good one!
4e + postages

FRISSON MMXX (amex003)
*compilation of live recordings. tracks from Late, Evitceles, Cyberian 1.0, Kr.ll.r, Mytrip, OOHS! and Amek Drone Ensemble.
all recorded during FRISSON FESTIVAL, Studio EW, Sofia on October 8-11, 2020
6e + postages

GNOM I SNEGOVIK: udivitelniy sad raznoobraznoi musiki (MACRURUS-??)
*this long silver spraypainted + decorated with dingly bright coloured tiny balls tape feels like a russian take on
older JOMF (or NNCK, Sunburned hand of the man, Avarus, even VCO and what had/have you). its free, sketchy, freaky
odd, crude and at times surprisingly moody & atmospheric. highlights include quite cheesy saxophone solo amidst
the confused shouting in russia. so, lets see.. hmm. with groups like this & Polypus Acephalous, Vyazkiy Sharab, Novoe
Tsarstvo, Post-Materialists
.. yes sir its clear - celebrate the forming of the new weird CCCP! very good!
4e + postages

GREY PARK: palm of Saddam (NO LABEL)
*12/2020. three tracks of varied experiments on recycled tape, about 30 min total. edition of 13 copies. incl. download link -> bandcamp
3e + postages

GREY PARK: corruption & thyme (VAC-041)
*5/2021. two longer tracks of lo-fi experimental ambient drone and one shorter,noisier & scuzzy detailed recording workout.
5e + postages

GX JUPITTER-LARSEN: fire 25/26 (PM-003)
*a side noise, on side b a recording of something burning. dubbed on recycled tape.
5e + postages

HUMAN ADULT BAND: T. Penn collections (SAGA HOUSE 3)
*this collection includes: one great droning 17 min neck of a bass vs. amp haze, scuzzy & messy lo-fi recordings of
songs in minimal band setups, some bass / guitar duo situations. lots of noisy improlike, free psych noodling. one T.Rex cover.
i guess these are mostly recorded in live situations at shady houses and basements in new jersey. you can almost hear the mold.
A side is B side played backwards.. dont really know whats the idea behind that but it sure is annoying!
5e+ postages

*Concrete and Stepanoff with guitars, percussions, synths/laptop, vocals and piano in Porvoo AD 2005.
athmospheric, creepy, devastating and totally disorienting experience. i think they recorded some things under
the name ANTI/UTON some years ago..
4 euro + postages

JORGE VICARIO: broken music (JZK030)
*C40 tape that sounds at times like a skipping cd-player with a bit of soul. could be filed under minimal easy-listening
glitch, maybe? dont know if on purpose or not but anyway well fitting for this release, the liner notes are also written
in very broken english. nice listen.

JUHO TOIVONEN: lament & rejoice (IKASUS-103)
*real nice minimal ambient & drone (maybe bit like italian ambient act Alio Die) and quite inspired celestial cloud formation piano blackout.
6e + postages

LÖRSSON: lepakkomies helsinki 23.2.2013 (PAS-2)
*quite best, not metal.
6e + postages

LEITMOTIV LIMBO: limbo / wind swept (SM01)
*now, this tape from australia at times resembles so much cabaret voltaires attic tapes that its impossible to not to mention!
stark, minimal,lo-fi, very strange and often just downright creepy soundscapes/songs made mainly with saxophone (or some
suchlike wind instrument[s]), crude electronics, occasional beaten metal junk and blurred vocals. covers look like theyve been
somehow programmed with VCR on a piece of tapestry and the tapes been spraypainted with.. something.
5e + postages

LEITMOTIV LIMBO: minimal sphere (SM04)
*analogue diy synths, vague alien logic, disjointed pulses and sub-level swooshes - all skewed into a dry, shining, creepy,
confusing, slow, distant bleep and howl. lo-fi hiss of fever melt mess / ping / stasis. if you plan to go stalking E.T., here is
a potent soundtrack. covers: cryptic fonts on thick gold cardboard, recycled, shotgun spraypainted tapes.
6e + postages

*weird hypnag. pop, songs from Odessa, RUS. at times sounds really oddly much like early lydia lunch.
5e + postages

*about 30min of live material from both. side a minimalism recorded in norway, side b maximalism recorded in lithuania.
both selections from year 2010.
4e + postages

*compilation of baltic(?) experimental / noise from year 2019. eleven acts. its sort of partly inept & quite varied affair:
theres well crafted dark ambient / horror movie soundtrack type of things, decent experimental electronics, OK noise and
then some material which is quite aimless, horrible and not really even that noisy.
4.50e+ postages

NOLLS: devils tower (LOT004)
*couple noisy/messy pop punk/rock songs, some crude & not so crude experimental tracks. released at the end of the year 2018.
you can listen two tracks from the tape here: soundcloud.com/nolls
5e + postages

OGRE / UMPIO: split (BRcass6)
*two long tracks of slightly noisy, menacing yet pretty mellow droning experimental electronics with hints of scrap metal or bowls and bit
of odd vocalizing on side O. one great, great UKFIN split!
4e + postages

*comp of mostly trashy and noisy grindcore bands around europe and couple almost hc punk acts. tape has also an intro and outro lifted from some aphex twin record. heres a list of bands:
decoherence, daily life sucks, EEH, sudden death, long pig, tisztan a cel fele, sanitys dawn, CLG, industrial noise, etc etc etc.. i would say the bands (2) from italy are the best! ciao!
2e + postages

RSKSD (TCD1552017)
*written on the tape: "Music for the contemporary dance performance RSKSD by Carmel & Rene Koster, Co-produced by Twisted Dance Company & Kanuti Gildi SAAL."
4e + postages

*great, mellow, crisp, heroic, spaceish, concrety, krauty synthmaze music from helsinki. sounds somehow oddly retro & futuristic
at the same time, maybe an google fueled AI that has been tricked into thinking its living in the 60s might come up with similar end product?
strongest track is sidelong "Brahenkentt which sounds bit like soothing new-age music for robots. weakest "Alppikatu", which is luckily
also the shortest one on the tape. so more is more and less is less in robot sphere. 40min, three track tape. middle A in their name should have
an tiny circle above it.
5e + postages

*side A wobbly and somehow religious cosmic kraut, side B spacey string sounds, synths, field recordings and odd lively constructed sound collage.
6e + postages

TECH RIDERS: of the lost ark (IKAUS-076)
*very rich, creepy, hissing, crackling, calculated lofi/hifi duo experimental elecronics. operates on somewhat similar plane as swedish AMPH.
real good!
6e + postages

*C-90 of sounds from america circa 1997-2005 A.D. lots fine!
4e + postages.

*skaterock, runaways, skeletons and piccolos. if you dont appreciate this then youre living all wrong & your children will be next.
4e + postages

TOTSTELLEN: tunnel bruecke live @ Wendel/ Berlin 2006 (TOTFORM12)
*C22 released in 2013 of: "An archive live-recording from 2006, based on the material from the tunnel bruecke audio/video-instalation accompanied
with a selfbuild string instrument, played with a handdrill. The instrument has been build from found material of the same location as the sound sources:
the insides of a motorwaybridge crossing river elbe"

4e + postages

*pleasant tape of quite minimal lo-fi buzz, humm, occasional junk metal handling, mild feedback, muffled bangs and such.
theres also excelent, weird, surprising and oddly humorous samples here and there throughout the tape. RIP?
4e+ postages

*C40. quite brutal and raw harsh noise. U side with some added metal junk passages and a overall feel of a bit of assembling, side CTD more straightforward take of nothing added. great split!
6e + postages

UTON: live in death (BREAD AND ANIMALS)
*C40, two live shows recorded in France (w/ Bridget Hayden in Reims) + odd spoken word/field-recording piece
where some man makes it pretty clear that its "OK"... both shows are actually surprisingly noisy affairs, this being
UTON afterall..
5e + post

VALANCE DRAKES: an angel in alliance with falsehood (AMEK038)
*digitally lo-fied, easy-listening glitch beats & lush slightly noisy ambient scapes. at times it borders on sound you could, almost, sell a car to.
6e + postages

*C86 comp tape of dark experimental techno, decaying ambient, glitch, mild industrial and harsh & not so harsh drones.
some of it really astonishing, some quite mediocre. i guess most of this is from bulgaria? as a whole this tape makes
pretty coherent & very enjoyable listen.
including: randomorb, ate, nocktern, zhe pechorin, phlp., maxim anokhin, ivan shopov, valance drakes, mytrip,
environments, NIANDRAZ, vague voices, crosspolar, late, yuzu, v-st, nicola serra and krl.
6e + postages

WOLF FLUORESCENCE: unwavering, achronymous (JZK021)
*what a total name. if i understood the booklet correctly, parts of this was recorded underneath some bridge in USA? or was it while
riding a bus to somewhere? it was in USA im sure.. oddly growing this tape, monotone drone sort of thing that gets better and better
when repeated.
4e + postgaes

S O M E V I N Y L S:

ATOM MOUTH GIMLIES: Music on quills LP
*short songs of very messy and hectic punk rock, really good!
12e + postages

CYBERIAN: dark orphism (AMEK050)
*LP of dark, meandering experimental / glitch / drone / dark ambient / noise / slight industrial with few surprise twists
from Bulgaria 2021. lots going on..
15e + postages

DAO DE NOIZE: blood of the tribe (book23)
*invisible polycarbonate lathe 7" from russia. do you see currents? 20 copies.
8e + postages

*limited to 98 copies 10" from russia 2014. record comes in a sewn up cloth bag of sorts, insert is transparent silk-screened
sheet made out of something icky wax-like and yellowish.. bit creepy actually! theres four tracks of very dreamy & meandering
yet actual songs with vocals and one track, bit surprisingly, of more experimental & concrete piece called ..well "Piece". good recrd!
16e + postages

GREY PARK: heliosis / severe heliosis 7" (planned confusion 01)
*33 rpm from year 2006, recorded couple years before that. drone or noise or ambient.
side B is side A mistakenly digitalized terribly wrong.
5e + postages

GRMMSK: one world - nowhere to hide 12" (SPB12026)
*3 older & 4 newer GRMMSK tracks of weird, ambientish, dubbish, electronic things with seriously alienated, disoriented,
paranoid & trapped/tripped feel. cant really think anything that sounds even remotely like this.
14e + postages

HUMAN ADULT BAND: sonic enlightenment LP (ENO 081)
*A: side long odd, scuzzy, dragging, psychedelic doom garage piece. neon on shirt, leg broken, sitting in a public
laundromat. its ghastly, weird and disjointed yet somehow it feels all right & appropriate.
B: some odd snippets, including atleast: loop of swamp-life, noisy impro free rock, mystic speedy jam, weird almost
collapsing metal, wide & messy guitar duo soloing.
14e + postages

*a postcard flexi. now, do you know to whom you would send a postcard that has pic of two devils and one skeleton + a song called
"hunger" on it? i dont but i have to say it feels somewhat soothing to know that now i can if i have to.
it says on the postcard that it should be played on 45rpm but im pretty positive thats a typo.. and the actual song is a great piece of cool
outsider lo-fi rock n roll!
5e + postages

LO-FI WOMAN: gorod piratov LP (PA025 / PMM??)
*this is pretty obscure affair of bit demented, somewhat confused and very lo-fi & free noisy impro rock with totally incomprehensible
vocals from Perth, RUS. at points you can maybe even sense a minor whiff of VHK. there is also a cover of Sonic Youth song but i
suppose there is nothing you can do about that. most likely 100 records pressed, this here is edition of hmm special handmade
screenprinted cover by S. Efremov..
15e + postages

MYTRIP: keeper (AMEK044)
*excelent, slightly noisy and glitchy experimental ambient drone LP from Bulgaria 2020. good!
15e + postages

*33rpm from year 2012. on side A two sogs, one odd, dark, lo-fi dubsteppish chiptuneism and other
weird jolly caribean self-improvement electro. on B side one improvised rhythmic electronic music piece.
5e + postages

NOLLS: losing game / here before 7" (LOT002)
*45rpm from year 2014. two quite buzzing/noisy pop-oriented punk/rock songs made with quitar
and drums and decorated with seemingly random noise scuzz and fieldrecordings from abroad.
5e + postages

NOLLS: strange attitude (LOT-003)
*LP from year 2016
10e + postages

PAAVI: untitled (LAL-20)
*brilliant, droning piano LP. this was most likely one of the best records released in year 2005.
what if it would have been the ONLY one? think about it. 5/5, easily.
10e + postages

PIECE WAR: Apathy (SOA-001)
*excelent, emotional, raw, messy, and fuzzed out lo-fi LP from this NZ guitar, vocals and drums duo.
this is US vinyl reissue of 10" flexi that came out year 2014. just a really, really good record. for instant proof: piecewar.bandcamp.com
13e + postages

POST-MATERIALISTS: moist rita & glyptique 7" (PMM101)
*one sided, 33rpm single from russia 2012. two tracks on side A, "moist rita" excelent, quite Residentsesque,
airy and pretty minimal weirdly smoky little affair of a song with very muffled vocals in what i suppose is russia.
"glyptique" shorter instrumental piece with a nice saxophone motif with confused tiny guitar(?) noise. on side B
artwork and letters on red. silk screened covers, 8 page booklet informing you whats what + yellow voyerism
themed postcard of sorts. solid.
6e + postages

POST-MATERIALISTS / GARGAMELEK: my jazz - my vibes 7" (PM-002 / 201666)
*REALLY great split 7" from year 2016. first track on side PM sounds like odd and
perplexingly slow, pounding drums / circus-midi take on jazz of sorts. its quite horrible actually. it states on the covers
for this side: "45 or 33 rpm". so maybe with 45 the track makes more sense? i dont know..
luckily the second PM track, "space smile", is a really wonderful tiny collage of mariachi trumpet, some
underwater singing, loop of something from 50s, an guitar and maybe something else. excelent!
on side G one(?) long track of more traditional free jazz sound with instrumentation of alt sax,
percussion, paintings. and its exceptionally good too! raw sax and tiny busy percussions
somewhere underneath the wailing. really great. if i decipher the covers right the players on this side
are called Gargamelek, Maoist mojo and New York 1975. nice.
6e + postages

RE-CLIP: untitled 7" (re-clip 002)
*one-sided 7"from year 2021, two tracks.
6e + postages

RENEGADE SCANNERS: hands on future (LAL-31)
*great, lovely lo-fi 4-track space rock LP from sweden. at times it come across as a sort of Chrome-lite minus vocals. nothin wrong with tah, ofcourse. a really nice listen!
10e + postages

Синтоцветие 2 7" (BOOK26)
*russian 7" comp. from year 2015. title of this compilation is in cyrillic alphabet so its probably a total mess up there.
computer translator says its most likely called Sintotsvetie 2 or something along such lines. also its not a normal 7"
or even a flexi 7" but a polycarbonate lathe 7". the quality of sound as high fi as on usual flexis yet the actual object is
much thicker. so its best of both worlds what we have here! 9 acts and 9 short tracks (from 1min to 2min) of minimal electro /
synth pop, muffled noise, russian rap, a short study of whining analogue, some concrete sound works and what else. its varied,
surprisingly minimal & subdued and yes, very very odd. comes with a crude, green sticker.
8e + postages

*odd experimental 7" compilation of four quite abstract & somewhat muddy pieces. from norway 2001 - byart, taming power,
obscure tapestries and empy-ass noise. deep bass, typewriter, clanged stringed instruments, synth, field recs etc
taming power cover version.
6e + postages

VALANCE DRAKES & IVAN SHOPOV: unearthing buried chapters (AMEK024)
*real nice beat-oriented, calm LP of ambient and bit glitchy digital sounds from bulgaria. digital tapestry that you could almost gaze onto forever. its not at all complex or harsh, the sound is rather
poppy and minimal at times. disjointed beats, clicks, pleasant ambient sections and mildly skewed atmospheres
add up to a whole that make very enjoyable and durable listening experience.
13e + postages

V.C.O.B.T.: find new homes 7" (BTV-007)
*two quite chaotic noise tracks and one bit more droning cut, all very much looped. at times sounds like there are maybe a lot of distorted guitars used on this? it gets pretty heavy at points. good stuff!
5e + postages

WHATEVER BRAINS: Whatever brains (SSR-77)
*fourth album from year 2015. the one with ascii PUNK cover.
13e + postages

C O U P L E Z I N E S:

*annual zine by AMEK collective from bulgaria. collection of interviews of artists theyve booked to play in 2019. interviews from: altrimenti,
CIA debutante, die! goldstein, elvin brandhi, daniel blumberg, linus schrab and niels geybels.
5e + postages

*sis. mm. Tiina Tiikeri, Kissa, Ester Nuori Leppä, Nolls, Antero Raimo & Ovet, Selda, Tim Maia.
60 sivua / mustavalkoinen a5
5e + postit.

*interviews: Sky needle, Kostis Kilymis and label Misanthropic agenda. other topics: Vanilla records & Wellenfeld. also: reviews.
4e + postages

*sarjakuvaa aiheena rnr & punk
3e + postages

*toinen numero! tilanteet muuttuvat!
5e + postit

*A5 xerox zine sis. Iron fist of the sun, Perikato, Throat, Psychedelica records, Tommi Keränen, Sink sekä
A dear girl called wendy haastattelut + muutaman kolumnin ja levyarvostelun. erinomaisen halpa, yksinkertainen
ja toimiva läpyskä.
1e + postit

*totaalinen pyöräretki suomen sydämeen.
4e + postit

*tälläkertaa asiaa mm. seuraavista: Voivod, Captain Beefheart, Echo is your love, Big boys,
Flipper, Stack waddy, Country dark, Ilpo Saastamoinen, Killdozer, Peter Brötzmann, Chestburster, Hungrytown,
Peter Ivers, World Mänkeri orchestra, jne jne.
6e + postit

*sis. mm. juttuja sarjiksista, Nikola Teslasta, Bobb Trimblestä, Monksista sekä Liimanarina-, Back lizard- sekä
Video-haastattelut. ja muuta!
2e + postit

*sis. raportit mm. yhdellä jalalla seisomisen SM ennätyksen lyömisyrityksestä, Räjäyttäjien soittoreissusta ruotsiin
sekä artikkelit vesivessoista, snickers-patukoista sekä Spacemen 3:stä.. jne? jne!
2e + postit

*eli siis numerot 1-6 ja bonuksena julkaisematon numero 7 pahvilaatikossa.
25e + postit

trades for HYSTER tapes always OK, other items: ask first. thanks.

trust me. the world is run on a shoestring.

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