VW 1500S Variant/1965
This is my car. She will be my racing car for races in historic class.She is a VW 1500S Variant /1965. I bought her in October 1998 and I andmy family are after that proud members of ARABIA-SLUGS rf!
Results: Not ready in 1999 :(
2000 This car belongs now to my son Henrik

VW 1200/1957
Thats me driving at the fastest corner in Historic Grand Race 1999at Ahvenisto raceway in Hameenlinna Finland
Owner of the car is Mika Särkelä / Arabia slugs
Result: 1999 Historic Grand Race 1999
Start1 Stopped on last lap because of problem with oil pressure
Start 2 Finished in seventh position
Final standing: Position 10 in  classA Historic Club Cars

Ahvenisto Grand Race 99
More pictures from Historic Grand Race at Ahvenisto1999

VW 1600/66 Beetle Cup
Henriks new Nordic Beetle Cup car
The car is from Sweden
The car was bought from Bugpajain September 1999 with no motor so a new motor has to be built for nextseason.
 Result: 1999
Nordic Beetle cup: Juhani Jyränkö raced this car at Sviestadsbanan in Linköping Sweden 21 August
Position in first start 5
Position in second start 4

Year 2000
The car is now mine for this season. I changed it for the variant!!!
Result year 2000