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The Book and Companion CD
"Renegade Rockabilly"
Renegade Records - CD 2000

Charlie Feathers - I'm Walkin The Dog
Johnny Seton with Danny Gatton - All Messed Up With A Raw Deal
Leslee "Bird" Anderson with Danny Gatton - Little Jonah
Bob E. Rock - Peepin' Eyes
Robert Gordon with Danny Gatton - Gonna Romp And Stomp
Marti' Brom - I Still Can't Forget About You
Evan Johns And The Good Humor Band - 30 Miles Outside Of Richmond

Kelly Willis And The Fireballs - Your Cheatin Heart
Johnny Seton with Danny Gatton - Lonely Lady
Billy Lee Riley - Rockin' Man
Tex Rubinowitz - Rockabilly Blues (Live)
Marti' Brom - Mean Streak
Matt Lukas - Tounge-Tied Jill
Billy Poore - A Whole Lotta Racket
Leslee "Bird " Anderson with Danny Gatton - Pink Slip
Vernon Taylor - Your Making A Fool Out Of Me (Live)
Lucky And The Hot Dice - Big Fat Mamas
Charlie Feathers - It's Just That Song
Bubba Feathers - Wasted Again
Billy Poore - Flatout Rock'n'Roll
James Intveld - Anyway You Want Me
Marti' Brom - Feelin' Right Tonight
Laurence Beall - Where you Used To Be
Leslee "Bird" Anderson and Billy Poore - No Way Out
Go Cat Go - Forever's Much Too Long (Live)

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Derek Henderson:
GENE VINCENT - A Discography
Spent Brothers Productions
ISBN 0 9519416 1 5 (1998)


The Revised Second Edition of Derek Henderson's definitive guide to Gene Vincent's work now details over 580 studio and live recordings, giving dates, locations and musicians, and then chronologically lists about 300 singles, 70 EPs, 380 LPs and 190 CDs released in 30 countries worldwide,  all cross-referenced so that the origin of each track can be identified. (102pp soft cover with nine B & W photos and two illustrations)

For more details visit Derek Henderson's Homepage

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"...the kind of book only a die-hard fan could produce. I unreservedly recommend it to anyone with an interest in one of rock n roll's greatest legends. Git It!" (Now Dig This)

"A labour of love carried out with great skill." (Record Collector)

" invaluable resource for collectors, completists or just the mildly curious." (Original Cool)

"What a magnificent piece of work it is!...absolutely essential and vital to the avid Gene Vincent record collector and Rock and Roll fan...It must rank alongside all your other Gene Vincent records and memorabilia as a testament to the wonderful legacy of the music that is GENE VINCENT."  (Git It)

Jungle Jim Arslanian:

"Independent Group Sound and Rockabilly Labels (1970s to Present) Vol. 1"

It's a reference-styled soft cover with complete track listings, photos, and info, on a variety of small rockin' labels including Run Wild, Crystal Ball, Adam & Eve, Jason Scott, Early Bird, Ripsaw, etc. This is just a first volume and Jim has plans to do another volume in the future, if you want to have this book, contact Jungle Jim Arslanian email:

Overseas customers note:
postage $15.00 (1st class )

Jungle Jim Arslanian is a famous U.S. record collector and he's been on this business for a long time, I've known him for a some time and his knowledge of group sounds is amazing. You'll find his name on several Norton & Crystall Ball records and he used to have a radio show when he was still living on the east coast of U.S.A. Get this book, because it's a must for every collector.

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