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* The rockinrecords mailing list is intended for the discussion of rock 'n' roll and rhythm & blues RECORDS including genres like doowop, rockabilly, hillbilly, country boogie, neo-rockabilly, surf instrumentals etc.
* Discographical information on the songs, lyrics and biographical information on musical artists of the 1950s is encouraged, along with reviews of CD and vinyl reissues of 1950s music. Additionally, discussions of modern rockabilly recordings (authentic or not) post to 1950's are welcome.
* Posts that are strongly discouraged include: recipes, grease types, clothes, vintage shopping, lifestyle, vintage equipment, jukeboxes, cars, beers, Setzer bashing, authentic or not debates, UNLESS these posts have something to do with records. These posts belong to rockabilly lifestyle mailing list (which is the original rockabilly mailing list) or to some other mailing list/newsgroup.
* Posts that are inappropriate include: flames, trolls, spams and binaries.
* Note about the binaries:
large files, including music and graphics should not be posted.
There are several alternative ways to distribute binary files that do not affect others adversely:
- Put them on your web page and notify mailing list.
- Put them on an FTP server and notify mailing list.
- Post them to a binary newsgroup and notify mailing list.
- Notify mailing list that those who want them may send you e-mail.
* Commercial, wanted, for-sale, and personal ads are also strongly discouraged, since they belong to other mailing lists or newsgroups. However occasional information from dealers who sell rockin' records is allowed. Posting catalogs to the mailing list is strongly discouraged.
- Put them on your web page and notify mailing list.

Although the great majority of topics fit neatly into both mailing lists, certain topics do not fit precisely. In such cases the originator of the thread has three options:

1. Determine to which one of the two mailing lists the thread is most relevant and post only to that mailing list.

2. Split the thread and post separately to two mailing lists. Each thread would cover only that material relevant to that mailing list. If appropriate each of the original messages should be customized for the mailing list to which it is posted. It would usually be appropriate to additionally mention that separate posts have been made to the other mailing lists.

3. Crosspost to both mailing lists. Crossposting among these lists should be kept to a minimum. Still, there are situations in which this is the most appropriate option.


There are two conflicting goals when deciding which option to choose in a particular situation:

* to reach as many as possible of the people who would be interested in the thread.

* to minimize the amount of material posted in a mailing list that is not specifically related to that mailing list (another way of saying this is: to reach as FEW people as possible who would NOT be interested in the thread).

These goals must be balanced somehow, and care must be taken in deciding which of the 3 options is most optimal for a given situation.


Once one of these options is chosen, there are other things to keep in mind.

When someone decides that it is best to post to a specific mailing list even though the subject matter extends beyond the bounds of the mailing list, the thread will include material not within the specified bounds of that mailing list. A prerequisite of this decision is the conclusion that people in that mailing list who would be interested in the topic would also be interested in the material outside the bounds of that mailing list. Threads that begin properly in a particular mailing list, then expand related discussion into other areas are acceptable -- unless and until the subject evolves so that it clearly belongs in the other mailing list. Once that happens, the thread, or portions of it, should be redirected in that other mailing list.

When someone chooses the next option and decides it is best to post separately to two or more mailing lists, participants should keep in mind that parallel discussions are being carried out in multiple mailing lists. As such, overlap in the discussions should be minimized.

When someone decides that crossposting is the best option, participants in the thread should take care as the thread progresses, since the thread is crossposted to multiple mailing lists and may diverge in directions that are no longer relevant to some of the mailing lists. Similarly to the first option, when this happens the divergent subthread should be redirected to only that mailing list to which the subthread is relevant. One thing to keep in mind when chosing this option to begin with is that many people may not be aware that the thread is crossposted, so they may diverge in a direction
relevant only to their mailing list.



Here's a guideline to you all, before you post a message to rockinrecords list,
ask yourself, is it possible that there could have been an
article or a review of the artist/record on some of the following magazines:

Rollin' Rock magazine
Now Dig This
Bim Bam Boom
Continental Re-Styling
Blue Suede News
Whiskey, Women, ...
Kommotion/New Kommotion
Too Much Noise
Cat Talk
Cat Tales
American Music
Southern & Rockin'
Remember Then
Record eXchanger
Blues & Rhythm
Sailor's Delight
Juke Blues
Not Fade Away
Hillbilly Researcher
Texas Jamboree

If the answer is yes then you can post it.


What is Netiquette?
It is the time-honored and time-tested rules of the road for the INTERNET. I am not going to cover everything, but there are basic rules that if followed, would make things in these two lists a lot nicer.
* A new person to the "Net" or mailing lists should spend a little time getting his/her feet wet by just observing and being a lurker (quiet watcher) in his/her favorite lists. This is how you learn what should or shouldn't be posted in that particular list.
* Don't troll. That is don't go into a list just to start trouble.
* Don't Spam. Don't post a junk post to several mailing lists, particularly when you know that the post has nothing to do with any of the mailing lists.
- Examples: "Make money fast" or "This really works."
* When responding to a post. Make sure you see if the poster has asked for any responses to be done by e-mail. If the person who starts the thread only wants responses by e-mail, please respect his wish.
* When responding to a post. Cut out (delete) any parts that you are not commenting on. Leaving everything in is a waste of space and a waste of time for people reading your post, and also makes it more difficult for someone to find and understand what you have written. Also, make sure that your comments start on a new line and aren't just appended to a line of the original post since otherwise it will appear that your comments were part of the original post.
* On the other hand, when responding to a post, make sure you do quote enough of the original post or otherwise establish the context for your response so that people understand what you are talking about. Although you have just read the post to which you are responding and know what you are responding to, others reading your post may not have just read the post to which you are responding and may not know what you are talking about. It is usually necessary to only quote a few lines or briefly paraphrase the statement or question to which you are responding.
* DON'T just respond to the list with something like "I agree" or "Right on" or something like that. Those responses don't add anything to the original post. In those cases where you agree with someone but have nothing to add, e-mail your support to that person. If you post something, make sure that you are contributing something to the mailing list rather than just adding noise. The most common culprit will quote 50 lines and then add his own "I agree" at the end.
* Don't post large binary files. Your favorite picture of Chuck Berry might be neat, but it takes up a lot of space, and serves no real purpose to the lists.
* Don't start or get into flame wars. These are arguments that can get heated and ugly within the mailing list. Any screaming at someone, if you must, needs to be done by e-mail. If you are irritated by someone, don't drag the rest of the group into the fight. The next advice is really hard to follow-I have trouble with this. Try and ignore the inflammatory post and let it go. The whole thing is usually forgotten in a few days anyway. Keeping things going in the list doesn't let the problem die on its own.
* Don't use mailing lists to send test posts. Almost all ISPs have a special newsgroups to send test posts. One of the more irritating things to see as a header in a mailing list, is THIS IS A TEST--DO NOT READ, or something similar.


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