Here's some pictures of Goofin' label recording artists, all have appeared also on Rockabilly Record Co. label

Slap Sally Combo

Katarina Blomqvist (bs)
Pasi Nyman (vcl, rhythm gtr)
Olli Holopainen (ld gtr)




Cotton Patch Hop, EP (Goofy 545)
Morse Code/Dancing, Cheating and Rambling Around
Cotton Patch Hop/My Gal Gertie

The Rock-A-Billy Record Company Compilation Album Volume 1 (R-3001)
Music Makin' Mama

Dynamite Magazine #10, single
Daisy Darling

The Rock-A-Billy Record Company Compilation Album Volume 2 (R-3002)
Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Somebody Lied/Three Alley Cats (Goofy 580)

The Slap Sally Combo has a new six track CD-EP out, all originals

Cotton Patch Hop

Slap Sally Combo (pic)
Katarina Blomqvist in action (photo by Jorma Honkanen)
Get their EP on Goofin' records

The Barnshakers

Vesa Haaja (vcl)
Jussi Huhtakangas (gtr)
Mika Liikari (bs)
Mike Salminen (dms)

Vesa Haaja of the Barnshakers (pic)

Vesa Haaja of the Barnshakers
(photo by Jorma Honkanen)


Cool Enough (10" LP) (Goofy 1031)
She Done Quit Me/So Doggone Blue (Goofy 542)
Complicated Fool (EP) (Goofy 546)
Ooo Baby/Big Sandy (Rock-A-Billy R 503)
A Honky Tonk Session (CD) (Goofy 6048)
Shakes The Barn (10" LP) (Part 318.001)
VA: American Rumble Volume One (Skizmatic ?)
- Please Help Me
Wiggle Like a Worm/Choo Choo's Coming Back (Goofy 566)
Desperate Santa/Santa's Got A Brand New Pedal Steel (Goofy 567)
String-O-Rama (CD) (Goofy 6068)
Darrell Higham & The Barnshakers: Sweethearts or Strangers (EP) (Goofy 570)
Shaun Young w/ The Barnshakers Red Hot Daddy (CD)(Goofy 6062)
Red Hot Daddy/Rickety Shack/High Voltage
(oth. songs not w/ the Barnshakers)
String-O-Rama (LP) (On The Hill LP 003)
Hocus Pocus/Gone A-Rockin' (Goofy 583)
Darrell Higham & The Barnshakers: High Class Baby (GRCD 6090)
VA: Hepcat Distribution Sampler
- Darrell Higham & The Barnshakers: Gimme That Drink
Marti Brom & The Barnshakers: Maybe I Do (Goofy EP 598)
VA: Goofin' Around (GRCD 6100)
- The Barnshakers: Wiggle Like a Worm/Hocus Pocus/Darrell Higham & The Barnshakers: The Roker Stroll/Marti Brom & The Barnshakers: I Love You Honey
Move On/What'cha Gonna Do (MILLE 2000)
Marti Brom & The Barnshakers: Snake Ranch (GRACD 6701)0)

Lester Peabody 45 (pic)
Lester Peabody a.k.a. Jussi Huhtakangas

Rock 'n' Roll Call, compilation (LP)(Goofy 6012)
Lester Peabody: My Chinatown/Caravan
Fin-A-Billy 1990, compilation (LP)(Goofy 1990)
Lester Peabody: Country Jam
Lester Peabody: Big River Rag/Navajo Rose (Ecco-Fonic 1004)
Dave & Deke Combo (w/Lester Peabody):Twin Guitar Twist (Goofy 552)
Darrell Higham & Lester Peabody: Flattin' & Thumbin' (EP)(Goofy 570)
Lester Peabody: Focus On Guitars (CD)(Goofy 6072)
see: record review
Windy & Warm

Jussi Huhtakangas (pic)
Lester Peabody
(photo by Jorma Honkanen)
Barnshakers (pic)
Mika Liikari & Vesa Haaja of the Barnshakers
(photo by Jorma Honkanen)

Jussi plays steel guitar with Hal Peters and His Countrymen, guitar with The Barnshakers and Dr. Snout and His Hogs of Rhythm (previously The Rhythm Hogs). He was also the guitar player of The Ballroomers and Red Davis & The Typhoons and you'll find him on some High Noon and Whistle Bait records.

Willie Lewis
and his bands

Willie Lewis & The String Poppers
Delmer Spudd & The Spuddnicks
Billy & The Bopcats
King Cat & The Pharaohs
Three Cats & The Kittens
Willie, Kevin & Todd
Tennessee Bill & The Tennessee Boys


Delmer Spudd & The Spuddnicks (pic)

Delmer Spudd & The Spuddnicks (photo by Jorma Honkanen)

Selective Discography

Rock-a-Billy Record Co. Sampler (CD)(Goofy 6036)
Willie Lewis: & The String Poppers: The Rockin' Blues/Rock & Roll Religion/Oh, Baby Babe/The Crazy Boogie/The Workin' Mans Blues/Billy & The Bopcats: Mary Lou Rock/Willie, Kevin & Todd: Be My Baby/King Cat & The Pharaohs: Rock-A-Billy Willie/It's Saturday Night/You Got No Sense/Three Cats & The Kittens: Ran Down Daddy

Willie Lewis: Li'l Pig Rock/The Reminicin' Boogie (Goofy 541)

Willie Lewis: The Complete Rockabilly Sessions (CD)(Goofy 6064)
Rock-A-Billy Willie/Rock Me Tonight/Rockin' The Blues/I'm Out/Rockin' Boogie Baby/It's Saturday Night!/The Rockin' Blues/She's A Goin' Jesse/Be Cool Man Cool/Good Rockin' Tonight/I'll Still Love You/The Crazy Boogie/Be Bop Baby/Stephine/I Like To Rock-I Like To Roll/Makin' Noise With The Boys/Ran Down Daddy/The Reminicin' Boogie/Rock & Roll Fever/Whatever Happened To That Rock & Roll/The Workin' Man's Blues/The Fender Bender Boogie/Long Black Veil/Fool About You/The Sore Finger Blues/Got You On My Mind/Oh Baby, Babe!/Mary Lou Rock

Plenty of other releases on his own Rock-A-Billy Record Co. label and on German Bopland label.

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