If you find downloading these productions slow you should find most of them from Hornet archives (USA), or

This one month project got released in Assembly '98 and placed first in PC 64kb intro competition. There are still a couple of things I'd like to change, so you might except a more final version in the near future. Nothing major though.

Code, Music & Graphics: Weed

Requirements: p133+, VGA/VESA 2.0, any soundcard

Download (175k)
Download [party version, GUS only!](64k)

Raivo (RAGE)
This demo was made in cooperation with TDC. It was put together by Jiber / TDC just to show the scene that they are alive. It contains a lot of code by Weed (maybe that's why it's so slow?). 'Raivo' is a so-called bad demo, because it has all the crap effects and scenes we had :). Expect a better demo in the future. This demo was released at FLAG'98 in Hungary and placed third.

Code: Jiber, Weed
Music: Bluesun
GFX: Bluesun, Slimy Devil

Requirements: p166+, VGA/VESA2.0, SB/GUS/Interwave

Download (1.3mb)

Vision was our contribution to The Party 6 64kb intro competition. It was Weed's first C program ever (really!) so it's just one-effect intro. We placed #12 in the competition. The intro is optimized for Cyrix 6x86 processors by taking advantage of integer arithmetics, so it runs much faster on Cyrixes than on Pentiums.

Code, Music and GFX: Weed

Requirements: p120 (cyrix preferred), VGA, GUS/nosound

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This intro really extends the meaning of hurry. Two hours before deadline we didn't have sb-support which was required by the rules. Only problem being with the party version that EOS (the dos extender we used) had a bug in it that caused loading a module to corrupt memory. We managed to avoid the bug in this final version. 'Neutral' competed at Assembly '96 and placed 5th.

Code and Music: Weed
GFX: Weed, Hitchy Hit, Me'q (a friend of mine)

Requirements: fast 486, VGA, GUS/SB/nosound

Download (64k)

'Negative', our Abduction '96 64kb intro, placed 8th. Most of the effects in this intro are based on bump mapping, and because almost every other production at Abduction had bump mapping too, it didn't place very high. Again, finished in a hurry though it was almost ready two days before tha party.

Code and Music: Weed
GFX: Kudzu, Hitchy Hit

Requirements: 486/50, VGA, GUS/nosound

Download (70k)

Positive is our first intro, and entered 128kb intro competition at Aggressive Party 2 placing first. It was created on a 486dx2/66 and doesn't look that good on modern Pentiums. Good example of what happens when you are in a hurry :).

Code and Music: Weed
GFX: Slimy Devil / TDC

Requirements: 486/33, VGA, GUS/nosound

Download (120k)


Some music we have released:

[s3m] 'Jaako että kiirekkö' by Weed (200k)
[xm ] 'It's all about love' by Weed (150k)
[xm ] 'Humppa Heimo' by Weed (100k)
[xm ] 'Snowin' at Sahara' by Weed (300k)
[xm ] 'Yellow Eye' by Weed (200k)

Other releases

Coralmod is a 4-32 channel .MOD player by Weed. It supports only Gravis Ultrasound and has some problems with playing long modules with many channels. It plays modules quite correctly, avoiding some of the most common flaws that appear with most of the other players around.
Download (16k)

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