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Eddie Cochran small picture

This listing contains Eddie Cochran's all known session work, there have been
rumours for many years that Eddie is playing on some 45s. I have tried to include
all of those records and if I have the record I've also included my comment. It 
would be nice to have the original session files or someone who was on that 
particular session could confirm or deny Eddie's presence. Remember, that this
is just my humble opinion and it's based on aural evidence and research work.

Eddie played with many artists. Record collectors and fans are strange people, we
try to find every record by those artists or sometimes 45s on same labels that 
could have been recorded at the same session. This is the reason why I have
included other recordings by artists who have some kind of connection to Eddie. 

Barbara and The Boys
Hooty Sapperticker                                   #1 Records 0001
- reissued on Dot 15974

Dick D'Agostin 
What Gave You The Idea                               Ac'cent 1046
I'm Your Daddy-O                                     Ac'cent 1046

Dick D'Agostin 
Come On                                              Ac'cent 1049
Mean Woman Blues                                     Ac'cent 1049
- Eddie played with Dick D'Agostin & The Swingers, but is not on these four sides

Jimmy Lewis 
Ga-Go-Go                                             Ac'cent 1059
Drag Strip                                           Ac'cent 1059
- Eddie is not on this.

ALLIED, 2542 W. Pico
Jack Lewis
Second Choice (Weber-Freed)                          Allied ARS-10010-A E-4153a
Miss Lonely Heart (Weber-Freed)                      Allied ARS-10010-B E-4154a
- Eddie is not on this 45.

ARGO Chicago, Illinois (subsidiary of Chess)
Ray Stanley
"Over A Coke"                                        Argo 5280  45-8532
I Can't Wait                                         Argo 5280  45-8533
- Eddie is only on "Over A Coke"

ARWIN 8611 Sunset Boulevard
Jack Lewis
Hurry Home To Me                                     Arwin 107  
This Is My Love                                      Arwin 107
- Eddie is not on this 45

BLACK JACK San Francisco, CA
The Austin Brothers
Nashville Special (Austin, Dickerson, Reynolds)      Black Jack 100 RR-H8OW-1013 
Stolen Moment (Royce & Floyce Austin) Black Jack 100 RR-H8OW-1014
- rel. March 1957
- The label indicates Lode publications. Lode was also a subsidiary of Crest and it was owned by Terry Fell. According to Noel Thibault this 45 sounds very similar to Patent Pending and Pedal-Pushin' Baby that were released on Rockstar LP 1022.
BOULEVARD Orange, CA (owned by Royce & Floyce Austin)
Austin Brothers
Patent Pending                                       Boulevard 101
One Stolen Moment                                    Boulevard 101
- rel. June 1959
- A-side was issued on Rockstar LP-1022. Jerry Capehart sold the acetates of Patent
Pending and Pedal-Pushin' Baby to Tony Barrett and claimed that The Cochran Brothers 
are on that acetate. Austin Brothers were really Royce and Floyce Kuykendall. 
During the late '50s Royce and his brother Floyce, a mandolin player, formed the 
Austin Brothers and went to Los Angeles to appear on the television show Town Hall 
Party with Cal Smith and Hank Cochran. Two years later, Kendall went back to St. 
Louis to be with his wife and attend barber school. Later he found success as one 
part of The Kendalls. The Austin Brothers recorded also for Black Jack and K-Ark.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BRAND, Hollywood ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Frank Gorshin That's The Trouble With Love Brand BR 1001 (BR 52461-1) You Went Right On Dancing Brand BR 1001 - Prod. by Jerry Capehart, Glen Campbell on guitar? Oliver Cool Nobody Can Like Jo-Ann Can Brand 6789 (Marc Douglas, Glen Campbell) The Scream Brand 6789 (Jerry Capehart) United Artists UAS 29163 - Glen Campbell plays guitar on this 45, it's not Eddie, Glen has confirmed this. - Oliver Cool who recorded also two singles for Roulette was Tony Mordente who recorded also under the name of Larry Ellis. He was also an actor and had several pseudonyms like Marc Douglas & Larry Foray. The Scream was on Eddie Cochran: "The Legendary" LP. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BRUNSWICK New York ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carl Belew Twenty-Four Hour Night (R.Moore-C.Klemer-D. Wheeler) 55071 (45-L 10951) Everytime I'm Kissing You (Carl Belew) 55071 (45-L 10952) - 4-Star master, same song that Bob Denton recorded for Dot, Eddie is not on this. Wayne Walker (6-59) You've Got Me (Where I Wanna Be) * 55133 (107,273) Little Ole You 55133 (107,272) Wayne Walker You've Got Me (Where I Wanna Be) * 55133 (107,273) What Kind Of "God" Do You Think You Are 55133 (107,271) * Eddie is possibly only on "You've Got Me" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CANDIX California ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Big Daddy Deerfield and The Kelly Four Annie Had A Party* (Jerry Capehart) Candix 325 PM-4C Sweet Angelina (Jerry Capehart) Candix 325 PM-3C - Eddie is not on 'Sweet Angelina'. * original speed version. There are several variations of the label, the artist is shown as "Kelly Four" or "Bid Daddy Deerfield and The Kelly Four". ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CAPEHART, 9109 Sunset Bouleward (label design similar to Silver) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 60 5001 - DARRY WEAVER Sweet Mary Jo 0003 Edge Of Town 0004 60 5002 - THUNDER MOUNTAIN BOYS The Girl In The Wood SL - 0016 Olita SL - 0017 60 5003 - EDDIE DONNO (Billboard review Aug. 8)) Rough Stuff CA 5004 One Love CA 5003 61 5004 - THE PATHFINDERS Bull Run 5007 Sweet Is The Woman 5008 61 5005 - JIMMY BOWEN Teenage Dream World CA 5009 It's Against The Law CA 5010 61 5006 - JOHN ASHLEY Little Lou 5011 I Need Your Lovin' 5012 61 5007 - JEWEL AKERS (sic!) Wee Bit More Of Your Lovin' 5013 (Dancing) The Mashed Potatoes 5014 61 5008 - GLEN CAMPBELL Death Valley 5017 Nothin' Better Than A Pretty Woman 5018 61 5009 - THOMAS WAYNE Tragedy No More, No More Comments: I don't think that Eddie is on any of these. 5003 is much bootlegged and has appeared on many Cochran bootlegs too, even under Eddie Cochran's name like the singer could be him. It's not! "Olita" was also on French "Sound Of" LP and the tune was recorded by several Crest artists. Interesting that it has Silver matrix. Note CA-matrix 5001/5002 were used on Silver. Jimmy Bowen's single with pic sleeve is very expensive nowadays Jewel's single was first issued on Crest and later on Mimosa, also on Ember in U.K. (EMB S219) Derek Glenister wrote once to me that he's not sure if Eddie plays on this. It's really The Four Dots/Astro-Jets but released under Jewel's name. Darry Weaver recorded with Eddie, several unissued sides have appeared on Rockstar albums. Darry was also a member of Hollywood Argyles. 5001 is a great single but I don't think that it features Eddie. 5009 was leased from Fernwood. I haven't heard "I Need Your Lovin'" by John Ashley, but it's on brand new CD on Hydra label containing John's complete early recordings. "Little Lou" is on Desperate Rock'n Roll compilation album and same tune that Eddie recorded. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CAPITOL, 1750 Vine ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 56 F3451 - RAY STANLEY Let's Get Acquainted 45-15410 Common Sense 45-15411 - Eddie is not on this 45, he was on original demo, which is unissued at the time. 56 F3461 - SKEETS McDONALD You Oughta See Grandma Rock 45-15463 Heart-Breakin' Mama 45-15464 56 F3515 - WYNN STEWART Slowly But Surely 45-15461 The Keeper Of The Keys 45-15462 56 F4051 - GENE VINCENT Git It 45-18640 - Eddie is on all above singles 60 4422 - GENE VINCENT and THE BEAT BOYS Pistol Packin' Mama 45-33863 - arr. Eddie Cochran GENE VINCENT 1958 recordings w/Eddie ------------------------------------ Git It Capitol T.1059, F4051 Teenage Partner Capitol T.1059 Peace Of Mind Capitol T.1059 Lovely Loretta Capitol EP 1-985 Somebody Help Me Capitol T.1059 The Wayward Wind Capitol T.1059 Now Is The Hour Capitol T.1207 - Eddie: backup vocals Other interesting Capitol 45s ------------------------------------ 57 F3749 - NICK GREENE My Lovin' Baby 45-17111 My Heart Needs You 45-17113 57 F3766 - THE FOUR DOLLS Proud Of You 45-16957 Three On A Date 45-16955 57 F3812 - NICK GREENE Honey Bird 45-17112 Later For You, Baby 45-17516 58 F3895 - THE FOUR DOLLS I'm Following You 45-18157 Whoop-A-Lala 45-18155 58 F3935 - NICK GREENE My Adobe Hacienda 45-17114 The Blues Down Home 45-17517 Comments: Skeets McDonald & Wynn Stewart sessions feature Eddie Cochran & Joe Maphis on guitars. Nick Greene recorded a version Ray Stanley's "My Lovin' Baby", but it doesn't have Eddie on guitar nor is Eddie on his other sides, although it's been listed so by several record dealers. "Proud Of You" is the same song that Eddie recorded, I don't think that Eddie is on featured on Four Dolls 45s. Eddie recorded also with Capitol recording artist Jess Willard, but is not on his Capitol sides that were recorded between '50 and '53. Mamie van Doren's "Untamed Youth" EP that was released on Prep in USA, was released on green label Capitol in Phillippines. There's also Dutch release. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CARTHAY, 1608 N. Argyle Ave ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 59 Carthay 103 - The Galaxys A Lover's Prayer (Robert Robertson) Jelly-Bean (Dwight Davis) - "Jelly Bean" is not the same song that Tigers/Eddie recorded ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CASH, 4854 W. Jefferson Blvd. / 2610 S. Crenshaw (owned by John Dolphin) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jerry Capehart/Cochran Brothers Rollin' Cash 1021 1021-AA Walkin' Stick Boogie Cash 1021 1021-A Jimmy Merritt I've Lost The Blues Cash 1025 Sharecropper Cash 1025 - I'm not sure if Eddie plays on this, at least Hank is on gtr. Don Deal Cryin' In One Eye Cash 1028 1028-AA Broken-Hearted Fellow Cash 1028 1028-A
- Eddie is on this 45. These were probably the only C&W recordings on this label, but there are some gaps in my Cash label discography just around this time (1020, 1022,1024,1026,1027,1029,1030). Ernie Freeman Combo had 45s on Cash also, but Eddie is not on those though he was on "Fast Jivin'" by Ernie Freeman Combo on Hollywood. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHALLENGE ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Georgettes Dizzy Over You Challenge 59012 Oh Oh, Yes Challenge 59012 - The Georgettes were named after George Motola. This is a reissue of Jackpot 48001, I don't think Eddie is on this. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHANCELLOR ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bobby Denton Wrong Side Of The Door Chancellor 1112 I Guess I'm Still In Love With You Chancellor 1112 - Recorded after Eddie's death, this is the same artist as on Dot, not the same as on Tune or Judd. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CORAL ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Baker Knight Just Relax Coral 62132 107163 Takin' A Chance Coral 62132 107164 - Eddie is not on "Takin' A Chance" but is on "Just Relax" Baker Knight Tag Along Blues Coral 62160 108343 Pretty Little Girl Coral 62160 108344 - Eddie is not on this 45. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CREST, 9109 Sunset Bouleward Ray Stanley, Dale Fitzsimmons, Mitchell Tableporter and even Jerry Capehart were staff writers. Many releases were produced by Jerry Capehart. See: complete Crest label discography under Fin-A-Billy pages ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1025 Jack Lewis & The Americans Butterscotch Candy & Strawberry Pie Y (Roberts) The Americans: Teenage Goodnight* Z (Stanley, Fitzsimmons) 1026 Eddie Cochran: Skinny Jim Y 45-CM-100 (Eddie Cochran, Jerry Capehart) Half Loved Z 45-CM-101 (Ray Stanley, J. Fitzsimmons) 1027 Bo Davis (=Gene Davis) Let's Coast Awhile Y 45-CM-102 (Bo Davis) Drownin' All My Sorrows Z 45-CM-103 (Bo Davis) 1033 Jack Lewis I.O.U. Z 45-CM-119 (Ray Stanley) Someone To Love Me Y 45-CM-118 (Dale Fitzsimmons) 1034 Lynn Marshall Borrowed Love 45-CM-120-Y (Dale Fitzsimmons) You'll Find Out 45-CM-121-Z (Ray Stanley) 1047 Glen Garrison & The Note Kings Lovin' Lorene Y CM 1021 (Garrison, Horton, Maness) 22337 You're My Darlin' Z CM 1022 (Glen Garrison, Fred Horton)22338 1055 Tommy Law with King Richard And The Rocking Dukes I Feel So Fine* Cool Juice 1062 Carol Kay and The Teen-Aires O'Where, O'Where Time 1086 Bob Denton Pretty Little Devil CM 1100 Thinking About You CM 1101 1088 The Gee Cees Annie Had A Party Z CM 1103 Buzz Saw* Y CM 1102 1101 Jerry Capehart Song Of New Orleans CM 1128 Theme For The Young And The Blue* CM 1129 1109 Young Men Four Don't Be Bashful, Little Girl CM-1148 E-9455 Goodbye, Bye, Bye, Bye* CM-1149 E-9456 Comments: I think that Eddie is on above, except songs marked with asterisk (*). Eddie is not on other Jack Lewis & Lynn Marshall 45s on Crest. I'm not sure about Glen Garrison (who recorded also for Lode), but for my ears it sounds like it could be Eddie. Harry Warren - who is 'hardcore' Glen Campbell collector thought that it's Glen on #1101 (both sides). Perhaps someone should ask from Glen, both sides are credited to Capehart. Young Men Four single is probably too late. 1036 Lynn Marshall: Ain't Got A Man Lynn Marshall: My Only One Comments: Eddie is not here. Good slap-bass 1049 Buddy Lowe: Ummm - Kiss Me Goodnight 45 CM-1025 Y (Buddy Lowe) delta 22693 Buddy Lowe: Loie 45 CM-1026 Z (Dale Fitzsimmons) delta 22694 1098 Jewel Akens: A Wee Bit More Of Your Lovin' Jewel Akens: Mashed Potatoes Comments: Could it be Eddie on these too? Eddie played on Buddy Lowe's Imperial 45, Jewel's single doesn't sound like it features Eddie. 1057 Tommy Dee with Carol Kay & The Teen-Aires: Three Stars Carol Kay & Teen-Aires: I'll Never Change 1064 Bobby Grabeau and The Teenettes: Don't Ever Let Me Go Bobby Grabeau and The Teenettes: Back To School, Back To You Comment: Two songs that Eddie also recorded, no other connection. 1100 Jean Chanel: It Hurts Me CM-1134 (Jean Chanel) Jean Chanel: Turn Around And Walk Away CM-1135 (Jean Chanel) Comment: Prod. by Jerry Capehart, this has nice guitar, but who is it? 1075 Bobby Edwards & The Four Young Men: You're The Reason/I'm A Fool For Loving You 1076 The Four Young Men: See Them Laugh/You Been Torturing Me 1083 The Four Young Men: Sweetheart Of Senior High/Just For Tonight 1085 Jimmy Bowen: Don't Drop It/Somebody To Love 1087 Glen Campbell: Turn Around, Look At Me/Brenda 1088 The Gee Cees: Annie Had A Party*/Buzz Saw 1088 The Gee Cees: Buzz Saw Twist/Buzz Saw Twist 1089 Dick Bills: Rockin' & Rollin'/From Here To Nowhere 1096 Glen Campbell: Once More/Miracle Of Love Comments: Bobby Edwards and Four Young Men singles have been on Cochran bootlegs. Eddie may be on #1076, but I really don't think so. Four Young Men were Gib Guilbeau, Darrell Cotton, Ernie Williams and Wayne Moore, who was their lead guitarist. Gib was later forming member of Flying Burrito Brothers. There's an interesting connection to Dick D'Agostin too. Darrell Cotton had one single on Manmor label - "If you could read my mind" (written by F. Guilbeau)/"Come free my mind" (written by Cotton/Dick D'Agostin/Guilbeau/Padilla) (CAS-1002/1001). See more info: The Gee Cees was Glen Campbell's (GC) band with other former Champs members Jerry Cole and Seals & Crofts. "Annie Had A Party" was also released on Silver & Candix under Kelly Four's name. It's interesting that Tony Barrett thinks that Eddie is not on 'Annie'. The sound is very similar to "Buzz Saw" and writers are Capehart/Campbell, so maybe that's Glen then... I've heard Glen's audition tapes to Champs and he could play in different styles too. Dick Bills is Glen's uncle and he plays on his 45. Four Dots recorded "Once More" I haven't compared it to Glen Campbell's "Once More" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DAWILLA (see Pilot label), 6067 Sunset Boulevard ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Danny Williams & Russ Black Orchestra. MXM-901 Stranger To Love Dawilla 101 MXM-902 My Little Black Book Dawilla 101 MXM-903 Tennesse Rose Dawilla 102 MXM-904 Dreamer Dawilla 102 Alton Albright DAW-1A My Little Black Book Dawilla 777 DAW-1B I'm A Dreamer Dawilla 777 Tennessee Rose Dawilla 778 I'm A Stranger To Love Dawilla 778 - There is no connection to Eddie Cochran (see Pilot label). All four songs are from the same session Eddie Cochran is not mentioned on the label like on Pilot release. Dawilla was distributed by the Trend. Moved later to Nashville? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DECCA ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Baker Knight Bring My Cadillac Back 30135 100826 I Cried 30135 100827+ Baker Knight Reelin' And Rockin' (Bippin' And Boppin' Over You) 30213 45-101330 When The World Gets Around 30213 45-101328 Baker Knight Just A Little Bit More 30306 101327 The Value Of Love 30306 101329 Baker Knight Love-A Love-A Love-A 30426 45-102992 High School Days 30426 45-102989+ - Eddie is not on any Decca singles by Baker Knight ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEE CAL ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Billy Beasley A Million Teardrops (Eddie Cochran) DEE CAL 500 S-986 Too Long DEE CAL 500 S-985 - "A Million Teardrops" is identical to John T. Webster & Anna record on Freedom. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEMON 2821 W. View / 1600 N. La Brea ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Paula Morgan Only A Fool (Frank Perry) Demon F-1508 45-DE-011 delta 20160 Someone To Love Me (Dale Fitzsimmons) Demon F-1508 45-DE-012 delta 20161 - prod. by Jerry Capehart, Eddie on both sides Jody Reynolds and The Storms (1959/Mar. 23) Golden Idol (Burnett-Reynolds-Nance) Demon FF-1515 45-DE-029 delta 27803 Beaulah Lee* (Reynolds-Sturdivant) Demon FF-1515 45-DE-030 delta 27804 * Don Cole ld gtr, Eddie is not on this despite aal rumours ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DOLTON dist. by Liberty, 708 6th Ave, Seattle ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gary Hodge Not For Love Or Money Dolton 7 DO-611 Too Old To Cry (arr. by Bonnie Guitar) Dolton 7 DO-610 - Has a great guitar intro that someone claimed to be Eddie. Gary Hodge wrote to me that it never happened. "Bonnie Guitar or myself did all guitar work on my records (Too Old to Cry, Love or Money, others)" - Gary Hodge ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DOOTONE 9512 S. Central ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - The Voices Of Allah a.k.a. The Four Dots recorded first for DooTone. - Eddie Cochran is not on these recordings ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DORE 1481 Vine ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Four Young Men and Glen Glenn recorded for Dore. Recordings were made post Eddie's death. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DOT 1507 Vine ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bob Denton (DOT DEP-545) Swedish EP with pic sleeve from 1958 Playboy/Skinny Minnie//Love Me So I'll Know/I'm Sending You This Record Bob Denton (4-57) On My Mind Again Dot 15573 MW-9662 Always Late Dot 15573 MW-9663 - Eddie is on this 45 Brenda & Eddie (7-57) Gee, I Love You (Burton-Randolph-Pincus) Dot 15615 MW-9959 What You've Done To Me (D. Burton-L.Pincus) Dot 15615 MW-9960 - I don't think Eddie is on this 45. Bob Denton (8-57) Love Me So I'll Know Dot 15622 MW-9925 I'm Sending You This Record Dot 15622 MW-9926 Love Me So I'll Know (alt.) Lonely LP 2217 I'm Sending You This Record (alt.) Lonely LP 2217 - single versions have overdubbed gtr/mandolin. Eddie is on these - There's also Stereo version on Bear Family CD. Ronnie McBee (8-57) I'll Be Waiting For You Dot 15633 MW-10045 My Lonely Heart Keeps Crying Dot 15633 MW-10044 - Sounds very much like Eddie on A-side, Ronnie had one other single, Midnight Sun/ My Bow Tie (Spangle 45-2007), but Eddie is not on that. The Quarter Notes (12-57) Like You Bug Me* (E. René-R.Ornales) Dot 15685 MW-10370 Please Come Home (R.Ornales) Dot 15685 MW-10371 * It was supposed for a long time that Eddie is "Like You Bug Me", but Tony Freer spoke to two of the members of the Quarter-Notes. Both of them said that the recordings were made in Atlanta at Bill Lowery studio. It is Joe South on Guitar and Ray Stevens on piano. Gene Brown (3-58) Big Door Dot 15709 MW-10651 Playing With My Heart Again Dot 15709 MW-10650 - I'm not sure if they used a speeded-up master of "Big Door". I think Eddie is also on "Playing With My Heart Again". I have only 4-Star AP-series custom press. Was this recorded at the same time as Bob Denton's "Playboy"? Bob Denton (3-58) Love Is Made Of This * Dot 15716 MW-9867 Time Will Tell * Dot 15716 MW-9868 * Eddie is not on this 45. Bob Denton (4-58) Playboy (W. Chandler-W.S. Stevenson) Dot 15743 MW-10732 Skinny Minnie (J. Williams) Dot 15743 MW-10733 - According to boxset discography Eddie is on this, but there have been rumours that Eddie is not on this 45, only Joe Maphis Dick D'Agostin and The Swingers (58) Nancy Lynne Dot 15773 MW-11026 Afraid To Take A Chance Dot 15773 MW-11027 - Eddie is not on this 45 John Ashley (5-58) Born To Rock (T.D. Lawrence) Dot 15775 MW-10643 Pickin' On The Wrong Chicken (Young-Brube) Dot 15775 MW-11203 - Eddie is not on this 45 Barbara and The Boys Hooty Sapperticker Dot 15974 - Reissue of #1 Records 0001 Jerry Neal (=Jerry Capehart) (8-58) Scratchin' (E. Cochran-J.Capehart) Dot 15810 MW-11601 I Hates Rabbits * (J.Capehart-E. Cochran) Dot 15810 MW-11602 * voice animation by Stan Ross, Eddie is on both sides Ricky Page (8-58) Toy Telephone (J.Saraceno-F.Perry-A.Furth) Dot 15823 MW-11627 Never Like This (G.Motola-F.Perry) Dot 15823 MW-11628 - Eddie is not on this 45 Bob Denton (9-58) Playboy (W. Chandler-W.S. Stevenson) Dot 15833 MW-10732 24 Four Hour Night (D. Wheeler-R.Moore-D.Klemer) Dot 15833 MW-11064 - Eddie is on 24 Hour Night? Ricky Page (8-58) It's No Sin Dot 15850 I Cried A Million Tears Dot 15850 - Eddie is not on this 45 Dick D'Agostin and The Swingers (11-58) Give Me You (Dick D'Agostin-Arthur D'Agostin)Dot 15867 MW-12119 Night Walk (Dick D'Agostin-Arthur D'Agostin) Dot 15867 MW-12120 - "Night Walk" was in "Town Hall Party" video, no Eddie here. John Ashley (11-58) My Story (George Motola-Ricky Page) Dot 15878 MW-12138 Let The Good Times Roll (Moore-Theard) Dot 15878 MW-12114 - Eddie is not on this 45 Mamie Van Doren (59) Nobody But You Dot 15883 A Lifetime Of Love Dot 15883 - Eddie is not on this 45 John Ashley (4-59) The Hangman (Burt Bacharach-Hal David) Dot 15942 MW-12487 The Net (Burt Bacharach-Hal David) Dot 15942 MW-12488 - Eddie is not on this 45 Mamie Van Doren (7-59) The Beat Generation (Walter Kent-Tom Walton) Dot 15970 MW-13056 I'm Grateful (Milt Rogers-Victor Corpora) Dot 15970 MW-13057 - Eddie is possibly on "The Beat Generation" Walter Brennan with Billy Vaughn (3-60) Dutchman's Gold (Jerry Capehart) Dot 16066 MW-13954 Back To The Farm (Billy Vaughn) Dot 16066 MW-14316 - I think this was recorded after Eddie left to U.K. Eddie was on original demo of "Dutchman's Gold" that was recorded with Johnny Burnette, but he's not on this. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EBB 4523 S. Western ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eddie Daniels Whoa-Whoa Baby Ebb 108 Playing Hide Go Seek Ebb 108 Eddie Daniels I Wanna Know Ebb 133 Going To The Mardi Gras Ebb 133 There is another version of "I Wanna Know" on Rockstar LP where Eddie plays guitar, but he is not on this recording. In my opinion this Ebb version is even better, great black rockabilly. It's available on "Ebb Story" (ACE) and both sides were on Charly CTD 130 single. "Hide & Go Seek" as recorded several times by Four Dots/ Astro-Jets. According to Eddie Daniels, Glen Campbell played on some of his 45s. Possibly on Silver or Starla. Georgettes Love Like A Fool (Motola-Winn-Marascalco) Ebb 45-125X delta 18622 Oh Tonight (Motola-Page-Papel) Ebb 45-125 delta 18621 According to this site these songs feature the guitar playing of Eddie Cochran as well as session man, Joe Maphis. There's also previously unissued "You Send Me" by Georgettes feat. Tony Harris on Ebb story vol.2 on ACE. Jim Dawson's liner notes mention only Joe Maphis on "Love Like A Fool". These were issued also in U.K. on London HL8548.
Ricki Page wrote to Dik de Heer in 2006: Eddie Cochran was a very dear friend of ours, 
George and myself, before recording "Johnny, Johnny Johnny". He was hired for the 
G-Notes session and fell in love with the song, asked to record it, thus the "Jeannie, 
Jeannie, Jeannie". Eddie and I were both on Liberty Records at that time. As to "Wee 
Willie" that was Al Casey and "Love Like A Fool" I think, was Johnny "Guitar" Watson... 
There were only three pieces, two guitars, a bass and a stick on the back of a chair 
for drums. Ain't that a kick??? Tons of echo... I did all the vocals... There were 
some other recordings of "J, J, J" but Eddie's was/is the very best

EKKO 4949 Hollywood Blvd.
   Devil's Hot Rod                         
   Words You Forgot You Said
   Where You Gonna Hide                    
   Ship With The Golden Sail
55 1002?

56 EKKO 1003/1004 - COCHRAN BROS.
   Mister Fiddle                              1003 AA
   Two Blue Singin' Stars                     1004 A
56 EKKO 1005/1006 - COCHRAN BROS.
   Guilty Conscience                          dead wax 45-1005-A / label 1006-A
   Your Tomorrows Never Come                  dead wax 45-1006-A / label 1005-A
56 1007-1014

   Double Dirty Lovin'   
   Talkin' Off The Wall  
   Love Makes A Fool  
   Your Eyes          
   A Red Rose, A Bouquet                   
   Bartender's Girl         
   Don't Hold Her So Close
   Every Dog Has His Day
   Meet Me At Joe's          
   Don't Turn Away From Me   
56 EKKO 1020 - AL DEXTER
   Pistol Packin' Mama                                EKKO-45-1020-A
   I Won't Be Number Two                              EKKO-45-1020-A-A
   What Goes On In Your Heart              
   Until I Love Again          
   When I Harvest My Love                  
   Chapel Of My Heart    

   Straighten Up, Baby       
   Talkin' Off The Wall      
   Tired And Sleepy                                   3001-A dead wax 45-2030
   Fool's Paradise                                    3001-B dead wax 45-2031  

   Bye, Bye My Baby 
   Tremolo Boogie 
   Choo Choo Guitar 
   Ekko Double 

   Organ Grinder's Swing 
   I'm Going Out On The Front Porch And Cry           EK-109  
   The Music Goes 'Round And 'Round    
   Hard Hearted Heart 
   Just Wedding Ring 
   So Soon 
   Fee Fi Fiddlee Aye-O 
   You Are Divine, Love 
   Let Me Be Good To You 

Comments: Cochran Brothers backing on 1018 and 1020, possibly on 1019. 1017 and 
1019 were possibly recorded in Dallas at Jim Beck's studio without Cochrans.
Can anyone fill the gaps in label discography? 100-series has the same label design
I've seen only 78s in this series.
ENSIGN 8479 Higuera St., Culver City / 8715 W. 3rd Street (subsidiary of Keen)
Sherry Lee                                            Ensign 4037  59211
Oh It's Wonderful                                     Ensign 4037  59212 
- I'm not sure if Eddie is on this 45 or not, it's from '59. Buddy recorded also 
for Crest and Imperial.

ERA 1481 Vine / 1213 Highland / 6515 Hollywood
Don Deal 
Unfaithful Diane                                      Era 1039  45-HN-99
Devil Of Deceit                                       Era 1039  45-HN-100
?                                                               45-HN-101
She Was Here, But She's Gone                          Era 1060  45-HN-102
You'd Look Good With A Tear In Your Eye               Era 1060  45-HN-132
Even Then                                             Era 1051  45-HN-133
Just Thought I'd Call                                 Era 1077  45-HN-134
My Blind Date                                         Era 1051  45-HN-135
Sweet Love                                            Era 1070  45-HN-165*
?                                                               45-HN-166*
A Chance Is All I Ask                                 Era 1077  45-HN-167*
The First Teenager                                    Era 1070  45-HN-168*
Don't Push (unissued Era recording)                   ACE Chiswick 1 (is this 166?)
Wanderin' Wanderer                                    Era LP ?
My Love For Thee                                      Era unissued 
True Blue                                             Era unissued

Eddie Cochran is not playing on these, this is confirmed by Don Deal. The only
recording by Don that has Eddie on guitar is his first release on Cash.
A song called "Wanderin' Wanderer" by Don Deal is on some various artists album 
released by Era, but I don't know any other details. Is it possible that this song 
is HN-101? I have most of Don's early 60's 45s on MGM & Capitol too, he was still 
connected to Hank Cochran at the time. Hank joined Don's band after leaving the
California Hayride in mid-1957.

"Unfaithful Diane" was also done by Johnny Perry on Senator 714 and Ronnie Deauville 
on Era 1071. I have the Era 45, but I haven't heard Senator 714. "Unfaithful Diane" 
charted locally, #2 on KRAK in 1963 (Sacramento-C&W). Both records were produced 
by Jack McFadden and both are out of Stockton CA. The Senator might be from 
Sacramento CA.

"Sweet Love" was credited to "H.Cochran-T.Coe-D.Deal". 

Here are some other interesting Era singles and matrix numbers, Eddie is on Tigers' 
single, but probably not on others. 

Bobby Please
Heartache Street (Bobby Please-Joseph Saraceno)       Era 1044 45-HN-119
You'r Driver's License, Please (Saraceno-Please)      Era 1044 45-HN-120

Ronnie Deauville
Unfaithful Diane                                      Era 1071 45-HN-172
Around The Corner (From My House)                     Era 1071 45-HN-173

Glen Glenn 
One Cup Of Coffee                                     Era 1074 45-HN-170
Laurie Ann                                            Era 1074 45-HN-169

The Dimples
Toy Telephone                                         Era 1079 45-LB-13
Gimme Jimmy                                           Era 1079 45-LB-14

The Zanies
The Blob                                              Era 1080 45-HN-201
Do You Dig Me Mister Pigmy                            Era 1080 45-LB-7

Don Wyatt
You Oughta' Be In The Movies                          Era 1081
Let Me Be The One                                     Era 1081
- poss. Rene Hall on guitar

Tigers (Autumn 58)
Jelly Bean                                            Era 1085 45-LB-11
Don't Bye Bye Baby Me                                 Era 1085 45-LB-12
- slightly different from backing tracks issued on Rockstar, "Don't Bye Bye Baby Me"
has a short piano break. 

Johnny Bachelor
Mumbles                                               Era 1091 45-DE-13
Arabella Jean                                         Era 1091 45-DE-14
- I don't think it's Eddie on Mumbles, but some others do.

Era 3026 by The Bell Boys, both sides written by Jerry Capehart, no Cochran.
EVENT 2707 W. Pico (Short-lived subsidiary of Liberty from '59)
Boomlay                                               Event 501
The Donkey and The Elephant
- No E.C. connection, but it's the same Four Dots

Say You're Mine                                       Form 102
If They Only Knew                                     Form 102
- It could be Eddie on "If They Only Knew" ?

FOUR STAR 305 S. Fair Oaks, Pasadena 
Eddie Miller & His Band vcl. Jimmy McGraw
You Walked Away                                      1693-45 (6863)
Patty Cake Man                                       1693-45 (6864)
- sounds like it's Eddie & Guybo on "You Walked Away"

Wayland Chandler
Little Lover (W. Chandler-W.S. Stevenson)            1716x45 6954-C
Play Boy (W. Chandler-W.S. Stevenson)                1716x45 6955-C  
- Original version of Bob Denton song, Eddie is not on this 45.

Gene Brown
Big Door                                             1717x45 6970-C
Playing With My Heart                                1717x45 6969-C  
- This single was first released on 4-Star custom press GENE BROWN AP-28 and later 
leased to Dot, probably features Eddie on both sides

Jack Tucker 
Big Door                                             1719x45 6986-C
Crazy Do (instr.)                                    1719x45 6985-C  
- Both sides are on 'Boppin Hillbilly volume 2' (WLP 2802), I wonder who's the 
guitar player on 'Crazy Do'? 

Carl Belew
24 Hour Night (R.Moore-C.Klemer-D. Wheeler)          1721x45 6980-D
Everytime I'm Kissing You (Carl Belew)               1721x45 6982-D
- both sides released also on 4-Star custom press CARL BELEW EP-34 and later 
leased to Brunswick, Eddie is not on this 45

FREEDOM 6124 Santa Monica
44001 FR-102 Johnny Burnett                  I'm Restless                58
      FR-103 Johnny Burnett              EC? Kiss Me 
      (note: white label promo has an alternate version of "Kiss Me") 
44002 FR-100 Jerry Stone & The Four Dots EC  My Baby (She Loves Me)      58
      FR-101 Jerry Stone & The Four Dots EC  It's Heaven                 
44003 FR-104 The Wilson Sisters              That's Me Without You       58
      FR-105 The Wilson Sisters              Each Time You Leave
44004 FR-207-1 Bill Lawrence                 Hey Baby!                   58
      FR-207-2 Bill Lawrence                 Caribbean 
44005 FR-106 The Four Dots               EC  Don't Wake Up The Kids      58
      FR-107 The Four Dots               EC  Pleading For Your Love
44006 FR-108 Willie Walker and The Alpacas   Money Mad Man               58
      FR-109 Willie Walker and The Alpacas   Three Hundred and Sixty-five
44007 FR-110 Jimmy Maddin                    I'm Studyin' You            59
      FR-111 Jimmy Maddin                    I Just Can't Say Goodnight 
44008 FR-112 Jerry Wright and The Sabres     One Blade Of Grass          59
      FR-113 Jerry Wright and The Sabres     Yes Sir, That's My Baby
44009 FR-114 Sherman Scott                   How'dja Do                  59
      FR-115 Sherman Scott               EC  Way Out Far                 
44010 FR-116 Upperclassmen                   Cryin' Towel                59
      FR-117 Upperclassmen                   Cha Cha With the Zombies
44011 FR-118 Johnny Burnette             EC  Me And The Bear             59
      FR-119 Johnny Burnette             EC  Gumbo                       
44012 FR-120 Don Gordon                      When the Sun Comes Out      59
      FR-121 Don Gordon                      How Come You Don't Love Me
44013 FR-122 Four Troys                      In The Moonlight            59
      FR-123 Four Troys                      Suddenly You Want To Dance 
44014 FR-124 Johnny Ellis                    Balboa Bop                  59
      FR-125 Johnny Ellis                    Cinderella Doll
44015 FR-126 Sonny Warner and his Orchestra  Riff Runner                 59
      FR-127 Sonny Warner and his Orchestra  San Antonio Rose
44016 FR-128 Terri and Jane                  Oh, Baby Oh                 59
      FR-129 Terri and Jane                  Lonesome Lover              
44017 FR-130 Johnny Burnette                 I'll Never Love Again       59
      FR-131 Johnny Burnette                 Sweet Baby Doll             
44018 FR-132 Jay Johnston                EC  Walk A Dog                  59
      FR-133 Jay Johnston                    Livin' Doll                 
44019 FR-134 Barry Martin                EC  The Willies                 59
      FR-135 Barry Martin                EC  Minnie The Moocher          
44020 FR-136 Larry O'Keefe               EC  Love's Dream                59
      FR-137 Larry O'Keefe               EC  Ain't-A That Something      
44021 FR-138 Dee Dee Dorety                  Billy Billy                 59
      FR-139 Dee Dee Dorety                  Give Your Love To Me
44022 FR-140 John T. Webster, III & Anna  +  A Million Teardrops         59
      FR-141 John T. Webster, III & Anna     Gotta' Make Love To You
44023 FR-612 Joe & Juma                      Teenage Heart               59
      FR-613 Joe & Juma                      Starry Eyes                 
44024 FR-144 Jeff Monroe                     Just for a Little While     59
      FR-145 Jeff Monroe                     River Song                  
44025 FR-146 Smiley Wilson                   Running Bear                59
      FR-147 Smiley Wilson                   Long As Little Birds Fly    
bootleg single
44017 FR-131 Johnny Burnette                 Sweet Baby Doll             ??
44011 FR-118 Johnny Burnette             EC  Me And The Bear

(+) written by Eddie Cochran, (EC) Eddie Cochran on guitar.
The Four Troys had members from The Four Dots (info from old Astra LP, may be wrong)

GOLD STAR 6252 Santa Monica (record label/recording studio 1954-1966)

The Galaxies
My Tattle Tale                               G-216 (GU-5062)
                                             Hydra BLK 7706
                                             Tommy T.O.M 536
                                             Lonely LP 2217
Love Has It's Ways                           G-216 (GU-5063)
                                             Tommy T.O.M 536
- These tracks have been issued on various bootleg LPs, even under Eddie's name.
Here's a quote from Lost & Found #2, Jim Oldsberg: "Ad Libbing" with the Galaxies
"Dan's (Sullivan) vocals on 'My Tattle Tale' were again, excellent, with the song 
being quite a rocker. While interviewing Greg (Winn), I told him of the 20 year-old
rumor of Eddie Cochran supposedly playing guitar on the record. A humble smile 
appeared on his face as he took the compliment well and told me he'd never met 
Eddie Cochran in his life. To set the record straight forevermore: it's Greg Winn's
great Gibson guitar work that graces both sides of the disc. Take that all you 

Broken Down Merry Go Round                   Guyden 2012  GN-1
Johnny Johnny Johnny (G. Motola-R. Page)     Guyden 2012  GN-2
- Eddie is on "Johnny Johnny Johnny". See more info on Georgettes entry (on Ebb).

Comments: G. Notes were two sisters Linda (11 yrs) & Nancy (9 yrs) when they recorded
the Bel-Aire 45, their last name was Gino. They recorded also for Bel Aire records, 
Heart's Don't Break/Take Your Time But Hurry (#24), there's nice guitar, but I 
don't think it's Eddie. 

HOLLYWOOD 2528 W. Pico / 1248 S. Berendo
VARIOUS ARTISTS EP                           Hollywood EP 1068 (DJ)
  Six songs by ERNIE FREEMAN, LLOYD GLENN, FRANK MOTLEY other artists are unknown

Rockstar RSRCD 014 contains an alternate version of "Fast Jivin'". This is the same 
song that was released as "Country Rockin' & Flyin'" by Buddy Dee on Starday. Vocal 
versions exist by Jerry Capehart and Cochran Bros.

IMPERIAL 6425 Hollywood
Jimmie Maddin
Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie                    Imperial 5494 IM-1478
Party Line                                   Imperial 5494 IM-1479
- Eddie is not on this 45.

Jimmie Maddin
Shirley Purley                               Imperial 5496 IM-1492
Stop The World                               Imperial 5496 IM-1493?
- Eddie is not on this 45.

Chuck Maroni and The Preludes
Flap Flap                                    Imperial 5498 IM-1494
When The Moon Shines Bright                  Imperial 5498 IM-1495
- Eddie is not on this 45.

The Huskies featuring Stan Ross
Alaska, U.S.A. (Falcon-Ross)                 Imperial 5544 IM-1712
Go Out And Buy Yourself A Hat (Falcon-Ross)* Imperial 5544 IM-1713
* Eddie is only on B-side

Dorsey Burnette
Your Love                                    Imperial 5668 IM-1995
Lonely Train                                 Imperial 5597 IM-1996
Way In The Middle Of The Night               Imperial 5668 IM-1997
Misery                                       Imperial 5597 IM-1998
- It has been suggested that Eddie Cochran may be playing rhythm guitar on these sides 
with backing also provided by James Burton and the rest of Rick Nelson's band, who were 
Gene Garf, James Kirkland and Richie Frost. Session took place on April 13, 1959.

Buddy Lowe
It Happened To Me                            Imperial 5680 IM-2674
A Teenager Feels To It *                     Imperial 5680 IM-2673
* Eddie is not on "A Teenager Feels To It"

The Astro-Jets
Boom-A-Lay (Jewel Akens)                     Imperial 5760 IM-2992
Hide And Seek (Jewel Akens)                  Imperial 5760 IM-3002
- This is really The Four Dots, but versions are different from Rockstar CD. Eddie 
is not on these recordings.

Jack Lewis
Bad Case Of Love (Jack B. Lewis)             Imperial 5880 IM-5253
Mop Top (Jack B. Lewis)                      Imperial 5880 IM-5252
- Recorded after Eddie's death. Interesting that Johnny Kidd recorded a cover 
version of "Bad Case Of Love".

INTRO (Aladdin's subsidiary)
John Ashley with Earl Palmer and band
Let Yourself Go-Go-Go                         INTRO 6097  RR-2927
Bermuda                                       INTRO 6097  RR-2926
- Eddie is not on this 45.

JACKPOT (Tender record production)
The "G" Notes
I Would (G. Motola-R.Page)                    Jackpot 48000 224-T-500
Ronnie (My Teen-age Dream) (Motola-Page-Winn) Jackpot 48000 225-T-501
- Eddie is probably on this, released also on Tender

Dizzy Over You                                Jackpot 48001
Oh Oh, Yes                                    Jackpot 48001
- See also Georgettes on Ebb. Jackpot 48001 was reissued on Challenge 59012.

Baker Knight (58)
My Heart Cries For You                         Jubilee 45-5342
Ain't nothin' But Love                         Jubilee 45-5342
- Eddie is not on this 45.

Baker Knight (59)
I Never Get To Kiss You Anymore                Jubilee 45-5357  45-JB-11413
Wishing                                        Jubilee 45-5357  45-JB-11415
- Eddie is not on this 45, Rene Hall & Baker Knight play gtrs

Mamie van Doren & June Wilkinson (64) 
Bikini With No Top On The Top                  Jubilee 45-5483  45-JB-12112
So What Else Is New                            Jubilee 45-5483  45-JB-12113
- with Billy Strange & The Senators, no Eddie

Bobby Denton on Judd is not Bob Denton on Crest & Dot.

K-W Indianapolis
Jerry Neal and The Hopefulls
Chance For Love                              K-W 501
Oh Baby                                      K-W 501
- This must be one of the worst records I've ever heard. It's really THE Jerry Neal 
(=Jerry Capehart). I'm not sure if there is a guitarist on this record. B-side was 
also on Wendi LP 000012. Both songs were composed by Gerald N. Williamson, so maybe
this is not Capehart after all.

KEEN 8479 Higuera St., Culver City / 8715 W. 3rd Street
Elroy "Shadow" Peace
Yeah Baby                                    Keen 82106
Where Did I Goof?                            Keen 82106
- Eddie is not on this 45.

KENT Culver City
Lee Denson
High School Hop                              Kent 306  45-K-306-1 
Devil Doll                                   Kent 306  45-K-306-2
- Eddie is not on this 45.

Jesse James
Red Hot Rockin' Blues                        Kent 314
The South's Gonna Rise Again                 Kent 314
Rock 'Til I Drop                             Kent unissued P-VINE PCD-2466
Red Hot Rockin' Rally                        Kent unissued ACE CDCHD 768
Rock Daddy Rock                              Kent unissued ACE CDCHD 768
South's Gonna Rise Again [alt. vers.]        Kent unissued ACE CDCHD 768
- Eddie is not on these, he's only on "New Shoes" by Lee Denson

LAS VEGAS, Stockton Ca., distributed by Allied
Del Reeves (59)
Johnny Appleseed (H.Cochran-H.Deal-C.Filling)     Las Vegas 1400/1401
Because You Love Me (D.Reeves-E.Reeves-A.Fanning) Las Vegas 1400/1401
- Helen Deal/Hank Cochran written song on A-side, could be E.C. on B-side

LIBERTY 6124 Santa Monica
   Take A Gamble On Love                     45-LB-655
   Every Minute Of The Day                   45-LB-656         
- Eddie is not on this 45.

   I Want Elvis For Christmas                45-LB-665
   The Tender Age                            45-LB-666
- Eddie is on both sides. Holly Twins had other singles: Liberty 55015 and 
Rendezvous 180, but Eddie is not on those.

56 LIBERTY 55049 - RITA MONTGOMERY                 
   I Believe In Santa Claus       
   Many, Many Christmases Ago              
- I haven't heard this 45

57 LIBERTY 55056 - EDDIE COCHRAN                 
   Sittin' In The Balcony                    45-LB-685    
   Dark Lonely Street                        45-LB-682
- any ideas what were LB-683 and LB-684 

   Walkin' Around In A Dream                 45-LB-688
   Teenage Heart Throb                       45-LB-689
- Eddie is not on this 45.

   So Young                                  45-LB-708
   Almost Eighteen                           45-LB-709
- a cover of Dave Lowe's "So Young", recorded before Clyde Stacy's classic 
version, but does not feature Eddie.

57 LIBERTY 55070 - EDDIE COCHRAN                 
   Mean When I'm Mad                         45-LB-711     
   One Kiss                                  45-LB-710    

   Dreamy Eyes                      
   Freight Train (James Williams)                   
- I've heard only Freight Train and I don't think it features Eddie.

   Gotta Get To Your House  (Skipper Adams)  45-LB-728
   Camel Rock (Ross Bagdasarian)             45-LB-729
- Ron McClement wrote on this page
that "Camel Rock" has two guitar breaks that could be Eddie, Camel Rock was released 
also on David's Liberty LPs LRP 3072 and LRP 3093. I don't think Eddie is involved.

57 LIBERTY 55087 - EDDIE COCHRAN                                
   Drive-In Show                             45-LB-744      
   Am I Blue                                 45-LB-745      

   The Get Acquainted Waltz (Shuman-Edwards) 45-LB-746 
   Mississippi Moon (N. Malkin-J. Hoffman)   45-LB-747
- Eddie is not on this 45

   Wee Willie                                45-LB-758             
   I'm Old Enough Now                        45-LB-759
- It's Al Casey on guitar on "Wee Willie" (see: The Georgettes on Ebb for more info)

   Baby, Come Home            
   Pretty Baby                
- I haven't heard this 45, Ric recorded also for Dot & Zephyr 

   I'm Available (Dave Burgess)              45-LB-774 
   If You Were                               45-LB-775 
- Eddie is possibly on "I'm Available", which is a cover of Dave Burgess' original 
that was released on Challenge.

   Have You Wondered Why        
   Heart Stealin' Darlin'                   
- Eddie is on Jimmy's Cash single, this single may not have been issued at all. "Heart Stealin' Darlin"/"Sharecropper" acetate  exists.

57 LIBERTY 55112 - EDDIE COCHRAN                   
   Twenty Flight Rock                        45-LB-794     
   Cradle Baby                               45-LB-795     

   Willa Mae                                 45-LB-804
   She Gotta Shake                           45-LB-805            
- Eddie plays rhythm guitar on "Willa Mae"

   Oooh What A Doll (Mascari-Wenzlaff)       45-LB-810 
   Smoochin' (Eddie V. Deane-D. Allen-J.Granahan) 45-LB-811 
- Eddie is very probably on "Smoochin'"

   I Done Done                               45-LB-814
   Little Willie                             45-LB-815
- According to NDT additions to boxset discography Eddie is on "Little Willie", 
However Tony Freer ( interviewed Emmy and she told that Eddie is 
not involved.

58 LIBERTY 55123 - EDDIE COCHRAN                  
   Jeanie, Jeanie, Jeanie                    45-LB-816      
   Pocketful Of Hearts                       45-LB-817      

   Saving My Kisses                 
   Boy, Girl                        
- I haven't heard this, MegaGuide shows (u) after release number, is this unissued?

   Dream Boy                                 45-LB-863
   If They Only Know                         45-LB-837         
- Eddie is not on this 45. Bill Beard interviewed June Page who told that Eddie is 
not on any Page Sisters record, I'm not sure if this includes also all Rickie 
Page 45s.

   I Would (Motola-Page)                     45-LB-839    
   Alright, But It Won't Be Easy (D.Burgess) 45-LB-838      
- A-side is a cover of G-Notes song, flip has a guitar solo, Eddie?

   When You're Smiling                       45-LB-844         
   Hello Love                                45-LB-845
- Eddie is not on this though he is on Barry's Freedom single

58 LIBERTY 55138 - EDDIE COCHRAN                 
   Pretty Girl                               45-LB-847      
   Teresa                                    45-LB-846   

58 LIBERTY 55144 - EDDIE COCHRAN                 
   Summertime Blues                          45-LB-859    
   Love Again                                45-LB-858    

   Dirty Dog                                 45-LB-860  
   Too Late                                  45-LB-861
- Eddie is not on this 45.

58 LIBERTY 55146 - TERRY MILLER            
   Walkin' With The Blues                    45-LB-862 
   Single 'N' Searching                      45-LB-863
- Eddie is not on this 45

   Lipstick                                  45-LB-864
   Sittin'                                   45-LB-865
- Eddie is on both sides

58 LIBERTY 55148 - JACKIE DEE                
   Buddy                                     45-LB-867
   Strolypso Dance                           45-LB-866        
- Eddie is not on this 45.

58 LIBERTY 55154 - PATIENCE & PRUDENCE            
   All I Do Is Dream Of You           
   Your Careless Love                      
- Eddie is not on this 45.

58 LIBERTY 55155 - WILLIE NELSON                     
   Susie                                     45-LB-887
   No Dough                                  45-LB-886       
- Susie is a bluesy song, but it doesn't sound like Eddie to me. This is Ricky 
Nelson's cousin, not the more famous Willie Nelson. There are label variations, 
artist name is spelled either as Willy or Willie

   And He Told Me A Lie                      45-LB-888
   To Each His Own                           45-LB-889
- Eddie is not on this 45.

   Gonna Build A Rocket                      45-LB-871 
   What Ya Gonna Do                          45-LB-869         
- Galen Denning wrote to Tony Freer and according to him, Eddie does not play on 
this 45, even though it has been listed on several Eddie Cochran discographies
What was LB-870?

58 LIBERTY 55166 - EDDIE COCHRAN                                   
   C'mon Everybody                           45-LB-907   
   Don't Ever Let Me Go                      45-LB-906     

   Make Me Queen Again                       45-LB-920 
   Wait (J. Burnette)                        45-LB-921                            
- Eddie is on "Wait", possibly also on the other side.

   Early Autumn                              45-LB-924
   Spilled Milk                              45-LB-925         
- Eddie is on "Spilled Milk"

59 LIBERTY 55177 - EDDIE COCHRAN                  
   Teenage Heaven                            45-LB-926   
   I Remember                                45-LB-927
   A Boy And A Girl                
   Tell Him No                      
- I haven't heard this 45

   Laddie-O                                  45-LB-963
   Unexpectedly                              45-LB-962
- Eddie is not on this 45

59 LIBERTY 55203 - EDDIE COCHRAN                 
   Somethin' Else                            45-LB-978   
   Boll Weevil Song                          45-LB-979   

   Should I (J. Bachelor-R.Stephens)         45-LB-987
   Whisper, Whisper                          45-LB-988       
- Eddie is on "Should I"

59 LIBERTY 55217 - EDDIE COCHRAN                  
   Hallelujah, I Love Her So                 LB-1007   
   Little Angel                              LB-1008
   I Let You Go                              45-LB-1010
   It's You                                  45-LB-1009
- Eddie is not on this

   I Don't Know Why             
   I'm Afraid To Say I Love You            
- I haven't heard this 45

   Sarah Lee (Orrison-James)                 45-LB-1050   
   Florecita (Orrison-James)                 45-LB-1051       
- Eddie is on "Sarah Lee".

   Magic Words                               45-LB-1052   
   Sentimental Journey                       45-LB-1053
- Eddie is not on this 45.

59 LIBERTY 55242 - EDDIE COCHRAN                 
   Cut Across, Shorty                        LB-1060   
   Three Steps To Heaven                     LB-1061      

   Look For A Star                           LB-1096
   Afraid Of Love (Bob Cochran)              KB-1097            
- Eddie is not on this. Garry Miles is Buzz Cason

   I Miss You Already               
   Maid Of Honor                    
- Eddie is not on this 45.

60 LIBERTY 55278 - EDDIE COCHRAN                 
   Lonely                                    LB-1132
   Sweetie Pie                               LB-1133

   How Come My Dog Don't Growl At You        LB-1207     
   The Crawdad Scene                         LB-1206 
- Great song that was recorded by two Crest artists. Sounds like Eddie, but it's 
really Billy Strange under a pseudonym, confirmed by Billy himself.

61 LIBERTY 55389 - EDDIE COCHRAN                 
   Weekend                                   LB-1321    
   I Remember Love                          
   Love On The Run                         
   Midnight In The Afternoon       
   Lemon Pie          
- Jerry Berryhill=Jerry Capehart. All four songs written & produced by Capehart. 

I have also Margie Rayburn's LP on Liberty, but Eddie is not on that LP.
According to Terry Fell there is a pre-Eddie version of "Cradle Baby" recorded for 
Lode, I don't know the number or if that was ever released.

   I'm In Love (With The Girl Next Door)
- According to Blue Suede News interview, Eddie may be on this, on the other hand 
Derek Glenister interviewed Fred and he told that Eddie is not on this 45! Other 
musicians, James Kirkland on bass and Fred Carter on gtr. Fred Carter recorded the 
original demo of "Pretty Little Devil" (Rockstar RSRCD 010)

Eddie is probably not on other Lode 45s.
   Sometime, Somewhere
   Castaway Heart                          
   Angel On A Cloud
   Child Bride
   Paper Kite
   Banana Choo Choo
   Ballad Of Hank Gordon
   Pony Tail Girl
   Changing Schools
   You Hold The Key
   Rockin' Red Wing         
   Lonely Weekend                          
   Golden Slippers                         
   At The Track
   Chokey The Bear                         
   Jungle Giant 
   Grounded Wasp
   Changing Schools      
   My Love For A Kingdom                   
   Falling For You
   If I Could Learn To Love You Less       
   Pierre The Poodle And The Puppy Dogs
- released before Eddie's version
   Have You The Heart
   Green (Is Her Favorite Color)           
   Footsteps Of A Fool
   More Love Than I Can Handle
?? LODE 122 - MAGGIE OWENS (label moved to Madison, Tenn.)
   Anyone But You

Lee Denson (1960)
A Tree In The Meadow                          Merri 202
Twang                                         Merri 202
- Eddie is not on this 45.

Lee Denson (1960)
Teenage World                                 Merri 205
Who Tickled The Sphinx                        Merri 205
- Eddie is not on this 45.

M.M.I. Hollywood (distributed by Dot)
Square Record                                 M.M.I. 1235 MMI-45-1235-1 delta 22297
Moon Over Tennessee                           M.M.I. 1235 MMI-45-1235-2 delta 22298
- Noel suggested that this could be Eddie, I don't think so.

GOLD STARS (10-58)
Hot Tamale (Hal Winn)                         M.M.I. 1239 MW-11979
Submarine  (Hal Winn)                         M.M.I. 1239 MW-11973
- Cool beat instro and weird novelty, guitar too, but I don't think it's Eddie. 

There's also Alpacas on M.M.I. 1237, is this the same Alpacas as on Freedom?

MOTIF California
The Bow Ribbons
Mr. Spoon                                     Motif no# ZM-017
Our Father                                    Motif no# ZM-018 

This is a strange 45, both sides written by Ray Stanley. Vocals by the Bow Ribbons 
and their lead singer is a real young boy. Not much guitar work on this. Eddie, 
Elroy Peace and Bow Ribbons recorded "Quick Like". Capehart on spoons? Both sides 
written by Ray Stanley. No record number. Bow Ribbons were Elroy Peace's nieces.

ORIGINAL SOUND 8510 Sunset Boulevard
Larry Moore
Hooray For Weekend                           Original Sound 30/31
Two Young Lovers                             Original Sound 30/31

Both sides were on Lonely LP 2217 and A-side on Teenage Heaven TH 376 and A-side 
is written by Cochran/Capehart. It was released in 1963 Eddie isn't playing on this.

PEP 2102 W. Washington
Teen-age Heart                               Pep 45-110    
There's No Truth                             Pep 45-110

Tommy was in Don Deal's band with Hank Cochran. Was he the singer on Era 45s? 
Sounds very different from MGM/Capitol singles by Don Deal. Tommy was co-writer of 
"Sweet Love".

PILOT (see also Dawilla)
Danny Williams
Tennessee Rose                               Pilot 401  DAW-001-E.C.E9594 
Dreamer                                      Pilot 401  DAW-002-E.C.E9595

On the label there is text: "Accomp. Russ Black Orchestra Eddie Cochran Producer" 

Tony Freer had contacted the band leader Russell Black and he told Tony that the 
Eddie Cochran involved with this record was not the rock and roll singer, but 
a Magician/Booking Agent who had written Tennessee Rose. 

"Dreamer" is written by Ray Stanley. Two Eddie Cochrans in Hollywood with connection 
to Ray Stanley. What a weird co-incidence or was it another Ray Stanley too?

PREP New York (subsidiarly of Capitol)
Mamie van Doren
Salamander                                   Prep EP M-1-1   
Oh Ba La Baby                                Prep EP M-1-1
Rollin' Stone                                Prep EP M-1-1
Go, Go, Calypso!                             Prep EP M-1-1
- "Untamed Youth" soundtrack EP, Eddie is not on fourth track 

Mamie van Doren
Salamander                                   Prep 100     45-16701-D1 
Go, Go, Calypso!                             Prep 100     45-16704-D1 
- Eddie is not on Go, Go, Calypso!  same versions as on above EP
- Sam Butera recorded Ray Stanley written songs "Equator" and "Love Charm" for Prep.

Tom Forse  
I'm Gonna Tell My Conscience On You          Rich Vein 101
They Call You A Small Fry                    Rich Vein 101
- Andrew Brown has interviewed Tom Forse and he confirmed that Eddie is on these

Jack Lewis "The Singing Airline Pilot"
Bippin And Boppin Over You                   RPM 485
Love Is The Sweetest Thing                   RPM 485
- Eddie is not on this, original version of Bobby Day's hit.

SILVER 9109 Sunset Boulevard
2001 Darla Daret (57)
     Don't Cha Wanna'                        2001-A  delta 18797
     Honey Honey                             2001-AA delta 18796    
1001 The Kelly Four (59)
     Strollin' Guitar                        SL 0001  E4522
     Guybo +                                 SL 0002  E4523
1002 John Ashley (59)
     Seriously In Love*                      SL 0005 
     I Want To Hear It From You*             SL 0006
1003 Judy Johnny & Billy (59)
     Toastin' Marshmallows*                  SL 0007
     Beautiful Brown Eyes*                   SL 0008 
1004 Jewel & Eddie (59)
     Opportunity                             SL 0009 
     Strollin' Guitar                        SL E4522  
1004 Jewel & Eddie (59)
     Opportunity                             SL 0009
     Opportunity                             SL 0009
1004 Jewel & Eddie (59)
     Opportunity                             SL 0009 
     Doin' The Hully Gully                   SL 0010
1005 John Ashley (59)
     Cry Of The Wild Goose*                  SL 0014
     One Love*                               SL 0015
1006 The Kelly Four (60)
     So Fine, Be Mine                        CA 5001
     Annie Has A Party ***                   CA 5002
1007 Peter James (60)
     Think I'll Break Down And Cry*          SL 0023 
     That's How I Know*                      SL 0024 
1008 Jewel & Eddie (60)
     Sixteen Tons**                          SL 0025 
     My Eyes Are Crying For You**            SL 0026 
1008 Jewel & Eddie (60)
     Who Can I Count On?                     ?
     Doin' The Hully Gully                   SL 0010

Eddie Cochran plays guitar on all except:
* Eddie is not on these, ** Eddie is possibly on these 
+ (version 2)(a.k.a. Drum City), *** speeded up version

- "One Love" is the same song that Eddie Donno recorded for Capehart label
- What were SL 0003, 0004, 0011-0013, 0018-0022?

STAR RECORDS Hollywood, California (extended plays 78rpm & 45rpm)
2017 Jane Wright : Jilted
     Billy Leslie: Here
     Eddie Fulton: Answer My Love
     Larry Keene : Wanted 
- one of the songs on this EP is written by Cochran 

2018 Neely Plumb and His Orchestra
     Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight
     Hernando's Hideaway
     Sh Boom
     The Little Shoemaker

2019 Lynn Marshall
     Hey There (Lynn Marshall)
     I Understand (Lynn Marshall) 
     In The Chapel Of Moonlight
     I'm A Fool To Care

2020 Peggy Lawrence, with Neely Plumb, and His Orchestra
     If I Give My Heart To You
     I Need You Now
- This was some cheapo label like Tops, interesting that one song was written by
Cochran and one EP is by Lynn Marshall who recorded also for Crest. I haven't heard 
these, but all of these were sold on eBay in December 2001.

VARIOUS ARTISTS  Starday EP 258 (red vinyl)
BUDDY DEE: Country Rockin' & Flyin'/HARRY CHOATES: Drag That Fiddle//
MUSICAL-AIRES: Skip Along Guitar/LUCKY CHAPMAN: Blue Grass 

Eddie is only on "Country Rockin' & Flyin'" which is same as "Fast Jivin'" by 
Ernie Freeman Combo. This track appeared on Rudy Grayzell's bootleg album - this 
track must have been just an album filler - there is no other reason why this track 
is on the album; it has no connection with Grayzell...apart from them both being on
the same label. 

Don Pierce bought up some of the John Dolphin masters around April 1956 - not long 
before Dolphin was shot dead....this included "Fast Jivin'".  I'm unsure if Pierce 
was associated with Starday at this time...he could have been...but the track was 
re-issued on a Starday EP, with the revised title of 'Country Rockin' & Flyin', 
and the artist and composer given as Buddy, there isn't writer on the Hollywood EP.
Buddy Dee was a fictitious pseudonym used by Pappy Daily to secure copyrights; e.g. 
authorship of all the Harry Choates masters he bought are also attributed to Buddy 
Dee. The Starday 219 EP is a '55 Houston session featuring Herb Remington on steel 
and Cameron Hill on lead guitar.

Buddy Dee and his String Band (Starday EP 219)(all-instrumental)
- Swamp Water Drag/Cherokee Ride//String Band Rag/Shuffle The Blues
Eddie is not on this.

STARLA 1107 El Centro (Art Laboe's label)
Let's Monkey Around                          Starla S-2   ART-003
Vagabond Mama                                Starla S-2   ART-004
- Who are the guitar players on "Vagabond Mama"? Mike Deasy? Richie Polodor? Eddie?
At "Lets Monkey Around" session, Sandy Nelson approached Art Laboe with a demo of a 
drum instrumental. "Teen Beat" was recorded at the next session with backing with 
Bruce Johnson on the piano and Richie Podolor on the guitar. It was released on 
Original Sound 5 in 1959.
Eddie Daniels had on single on Starla so had Little Julian Herrera & The Tigers 
and Bobby Please, but Eddie is not on other Starla 45s.

SWAN, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Man Who Made An Angel Cry                Swan 4017
Show Down                                    Swan 4017
- According to Tony Wilkinson and Derek Glenister Eddie is on "Show Down", but not 
on the other side. Derek Glenister has confirmed the date of the session as 8th 
August 1958 at Gold Star recording studios in Hollywood. Eddie is not on Loy 
Clingman's Viv,Liberty Bell or Dot singles or EPs. Al Casey is the guitarist on 
TENDER 1308 Highland / 1309 Highland
I Would (G. Motola-R.Page)                   Tender 510
Ronnie (My Teen-age Dream) (Motola-Page-Winn)Tender 510
- Eddie is probably on this, released also on Jackpot

TIDE (distributed by Del-Fi)
Larry Bright
Mojo Workout (Dance)                         Tide 006  T-006X  45-JLB-1 delta 33567
I'll Change My Ways                          Tide 006  T-006XX 45-JLB-2 delta 33568
Should I?                                    Tide 008
Natural Born Lover                           Tide 008
Mojo Man                                     Tide 0012  
When I'm With You                            Tide 0012
- Mojo Workout was on "Sounds Of" LP. Don't think that Eddie is involved. There's a 
recent Larry Bright CD on Del-Fi. "Should I?", is this the same song that Mike 
Clifford & others recorded? Larry had also "Should I?"/"Twinkie-Lee" (Highland 1052). 
Alan Clark recorded a cover version of "Twinkie-Lee".

Elroy Peace & The Bow Ribbons
Quick Like (Ray Stanley)                     Trans-Continental T-3001  25359
Hey Diddle Diddle (Ray Stanley)              Trans-Continental T-3001  25259
- Eddie is not on flip "Hey Diddle Diddle", it's by The Bow Ribbons only

TUNE Florence, Alabama
Bobby Denton on Tune is not Bob Denton on Crest & Dot. 
This guy is senator of Arkansas!

TWIN Los Angeles
Lee Denson (58)
Ghost Riders In The Sky                      Twin 1022-1 delta 27394
Wayward Wind                                 Twin 1022-2 delta 27393
- Eddie is not on this weird sounding record. The bass player is off-beat on both 
songs and slaps desperately. Has anyone seen Twin discography?

Jack Lewis & his Orchestra
Wonderful World                              UA 159  ZTSP 28975
Mornin' Glory Road                           UA 159  ZTSP 28976
- Eddie is not on this 45.
The Georgettes
Down By The River                            UA 237
A Pair Of Eyes                               UA 237
- A Lee Silver recording, released in 1960, Eddie is not on this 45. This 45 was 
originally issued on Fleet 1111 and also in UK (Pye 7N.25058). The Georgettes 
recorded for several labels, Ebb, Jackpot, Challenge and United Artists are listed 
on this page, I'm not sure if all these are by the same group. "Be My Baby" (Hit), 
"Oh Shucks"/"A Good Man Is Hard To Find" (Sabre), "The Story"/"Little Boy" (Troy),
"Forget Me Not"/"How Do I Know" (Goldisc)

VALOR 1600 N. La Brea (subsidiary of Demon, Liberty Records sales corp.)
Johnson Brothers '59
Castin' My Spell                             Valor 2006 45-VA-011
Zombie Lou                                   Valor 2006 45-VA-012
- could be Eddie on "Zombie Lou". 

There were Johnson Bros. who recorded on Imperial, I don't know if it's the same 
group, it's been rumoured that Imperial group was Jimmy Isle and his brother. 

Valor 2001 has instrumentals by The Terrifics, both sides written by Ray Stanley, 
but it doesn't feature Eddie. The Terrifics had another single Bump Ti Dee Ump Bump/
I Don't Care How Yoh Do It (Demon 1516), the B-side is written by Alvin & Edwin 
Johnson. Were these the Johnson Brothers? Val Norman has a single "The Ballad of 
Barbara Graham" on Valor, Eddie is not on that either. 

VERVE 451 N. Canon Dr., Beverly Hills, CA
Danny Andrew (58)
Bongo Boy                                    VERVE V-10115x45
As Long As We're Together                    VERVE V-10115x45

Both sides written by Ray Stanley and the publishing company is Sherman Music which 
was founded by Jack Lewis and Billy Sherman. Record was reviewed in Billboard 
magazine Feb 3, 1958.

VIK (subsidiary of RCA-Victor)
Lee Denson (57)
The Pied Piper                               VIK 0251 G4PW-9829-2
Heart Of A Fool                              VIK 0251 G4PW-9832-9

Mamselle's (57)
He's Graduating (Carol Palmer-Ray Stanley)   VIK 0272  H4PW-0428
I'll Always Thank You For The Sunshine (I'll Never Blame You For The Rain) 
                                             VIK 0272  H4PW-0423 
- Eddie is probably not on these 

Vikki Nelson
I'm A Fool For Leaving                       VIK 0273 H4PW-2627
Like A Baby                                  VIK 0273 H4PW-2628
- Eddie is not on this 45.

Lee Denson
Climb Love Mountain                          VIK 0281 H4PW-3958
New Shoes                                    VIK 0281 H4PW-3959

Lee Denson
Love Twister                                 VIK unissued G4PB-9830-4
It Took Too Long                             VIK unissued G4PB-9831-12

Eddie, Hank & Jerry wrote and cut a demo of 'Heart Of A Fool', but Eddie is only 
on Lee's "New Shoes". Vik 0251 was reissued by Bear Family with two unissued tracks 
on BFX 15112. "Heart Of A Fool" is also on CAT CD 1036 and 88 Keys EP 88-4-1002. 
Demo of "He's Graduating" by unknown vocalist was released on Rockstar CD.

Is Eddie Dano on Vik (4X-0237 and 4X-0253) same artist as Eddie Donno on Capehart? 
Eddie Cochran is not on Eddie Dano's singles.

I've seen rumours of Mamie van Doren "Untamed Youth" promo-EP on Vik, but is there 
really EP on Prep and Vik or is this just a mistake.

VITA 1486 N. Fair Oaks
Is That Bad                                  Vita 156
I Told The Sunshine                          Vita 156
- I've heard this, but I don't have it. Eddie is probably not involved, just Jack Lewis.

Troyce Key
Drown In My Tears                            Warner Brothers 5007 58013 J8 OW8999-3C
Baby Please Don't Go                         Warner Brothers 5007 58014 J8 OW9000-3C 
- Eddie is on this 45.

Troyce Key
Ain't I Cried Enough                         Warner Brothers 5035 B10,169
Watch Your Mouth                             Warner Brothers 5035 B10,170
- A-side prod. by Sill & Hazelwood, Eddie on guitar

Troyce Key
She's Sumpin' Else                           Warner Brothers 5070 B10,572
Most Of All                                  Warner Brothers 5070 B10,570
He's third WB single, unfortunately Eddie doesn't play on this like he did on the 
other two. A-side was also on Cruisin' K 58344.

None Of 'Em Glow Like You                    Warner Brothers 5031
Midnight Oil                                 Warner Brothers 5031
- Eddie is not on this 45.

ZEPHYR 8510 Sunset
   Need Me                                 
56 ZEPHYR 70-002 - RUTH OLAY
   Cotton Pickin' Mom                      
   Good Love               
56 ZEPHYR 70-003 - ROSALIE           
   Beautiful Friendship                    
   Magic Garden                    
   Goodbye Old Girl                        
   Seven Men From Now                      
   Namely You                              
   Gonna Wander               
56 ZEPHYR 70-006 - SCOOBY DOO ALL STARS              
   Ernie's Journey                           FB-3003
   Moonglow                                  FB-3023
56 ZEPHYR 70-007 - RIC MARLOW 
   That's What I'm Gonna Be
   Vamos Mamboleros                        
   Caribbean Mambo               
   Scoundrel Blues            
57 ZEPHYR 70-010 - GLORIA WOOD (from the film "Bundle Of Joy")
   Lullaby In Blue                           FB-2156          
   Someday Soon                              FB-2157 
   Market Place (Darnell-Johnson-Stanley)    139-280      
   Pushin' (Stanley)                         139-281 
57 ZEPHYR 70-012 - THE PAGE SISTERS             
   Sweet Sweetheart (Motola-Brandt)          FB-3106
   All My Love Belongs To You (Motola-Marascalco) FB-3107
57 ZEPHYR 70-013 - APRIL AMES                  
   A Smile Will Go A Long Long Way           FB-3118
   Imagination                               FB-3119
   Kisses                                    GB-4049 
   Dancing In The Streets                    GB-4048
   Bridge Of Sighs                         
   Scene Of The Crime               
   The Smiling Gondolier (Motola-Winn)       GB-4075
   My Love Will Never Change (Motola-Brandt) GB-4074   
57 ZEPHYR 70-017 - ANITA RAY               
   Monday, Wednesday, Friday               
   Letter To A Soldier   
57 ZEPHYR 70-018 - BOBBY BYRD         
   If We Should Meet Again (G. Motola-B. Martin)  GB-4092
   Looby Loo (Motola-Sill-Marascalco)        GB-4093   
- original version
57 ZEPHYR 70-019 - CHAMP BUTLER            
   Hunky Dory                                BB-1313
   A Little White Church                     BB-1314                         
57 ZEPHYR 70-020 - RICKIE PAGE              
   Gee, How I Love You                      
   I'll Never Smile Again    
   Angel With The Devil In Your Eyes       
   Graduation Night
57 ZEPHYR 70-022 - RAY STANLEY   
   Love Charms (Stanley)                     142-299
   My Lovin' Baby (Stanley)                  142-300

Eddie is on Ray Stanley's singles, Eddie is not on Rickie Page or Page Sisters 45s. 
There are many jazz EP's on Zephyr plus an LP by Scooby Doo All Stars and probably 
couple of others too. Rickie Page was a prolific West Coast songwriter and 
session-singer. She made lots of records in disguise. For example, "Donnie" by The 
Bermudas and "White Levi's" by The Majorettes (= Page Sisters). Rickie was also a 
member of The Crypt-Kickers and sang lead on The Spectors Three 45s.

John Ashley
Born To Rock (unissued version)              Hydra BCK 27114-1.5
Believe Me                                   Hydra BCK 27114-1.5
Annie Laurie                                 Hydra BCK 27114-1.5
Hit And Run Lover                            Hydra BCK 27114-1.5
Don't Let Them Tear Us Apart                 Hydra BCK 27114-1.5
Mean Mean Woman                              Hydra BCK 27114-1.5
I Can't Let You Go (takes 1-10)              Unissued
I Can't Let You Go (take 11) (master)        Rockstar RSR CD003 Hydra BCK 27114-1.5

Dorsey Burnette
Lonely Train (overdub version)               Rockstar RSRCD 005

Johnny Burnette
Session info:
Goldstar studios, Hollywood, 11 December 1958
Johnny Burnette vcl/rhythm gtr; Eddie Cochran gtr; Joe Maphis gtr 1, banjo 2; 
Plas Johnson sax-4; Ray Johnson piano; Connie Guybo Smith el-bass; Earl Palmer dms
FR-115 Remember -1 (J. Capehart)
FR-116 Dutchman's Gold -2 (J. Capehart)
FR-117 The Table -3 (J. Capehart)
FR-118 Me And The Bear -4 (J. Burnette)

I don't know where the matrix number information comes, because same numbers were 
used on released Freedom singles. "Dutchman's Gold" was recorded also by Tony, 
Bob & Jimmy in '62 (Capitol 4760). 

Goldstar studios, Hollywood, August 25 & 26, 1959
Johnny Burnette vcl/rhythm gtr; Dorsey Burnette bass & duet on "Blue School Days"; 
poss. Eddie Cochran gtr; unknown dms (poss. Jerry Capehart)
One Eyed Jacks (take 1)                      Hydra BCK 27110
One Eyed Jacks (take 2)                      Hydra BCK 27110
You're Cheatin' On Me (take 1 with overdubs) Hydra BCK 27110
Blue School Days                             Hydra BCK 27110 
Just Keep On Going                           Hydra BCK 27110
Just A Memory                                Hydra BCK 27110
You're Cheatin' On Me (rehersal)             Hydra BCK 27110
You're Cheatin' On Me                        Hydra BCK 27110

Jerry Capehart (with The Cochran Brothers)
That's What It Takes To Make A Man           Rockstar RSR LP 1009 
Closer, Closer, Closer                       Rockstar RSR EP 2010
This Must Be The Place                       Rockstar RSR CD 010
A Healer Like Time (Hank Cochran vcl)        Rockstar RSR EP 2010
My Honest Name                               Unissued
Latch On                                     Rockstar RSR EP 2003
Rockin' & Flyin'                             Rockstar RSR CD 014
Song Of New Orleans (alt)                    Rockstar RSR CD 010
Livin' This Life                             Rockstar RSR LP 1022
Too Often                                    Rockstar RSR LP 1022
Rollin'                                      acetate
- Jack Lewis recorded "My Honest Name" for Crest. 

The Cochran Brothers
Latch On (version-1, Hank Cochran vcl)       United Artists ECSP 20
Heart Of A Fool (Jerry Capehart vcl)         Rockstar RSR EP 2010
Latch On (version-2) (E. & H. Cochran vcl)   United Artists UAS 29163
Slow Down                                    Rockstar RSR LP 1006
Open The Door                                Rockstar RSR LP 1006
Rockin' & Flyin'                             Rockstar RSR CD 011
Rockin' & Flyin' (alt)                       acetate (unknown vcl. poss. Hank Cochran)

Hank Cochran
I'm Ready                                    United Artists UAS 29163

June Cochran
I'm Confessin'                               Rockstar RSR CD 010
I Dream Of You                               Rockstar RSR CD 010

Eddie Daniels (this sounds more like a white singer, John Ashley possibly)
I Wanna Know (takes 1-6)                     Unissued
I Wanna Know (take 7)                        Rockstar RSR CD 003
I Wanna Know (take 8) (master)               Rockstar RSR CD 003
Uh Oh Little Girl (take 1)                   unissued
Uh Oh Little Girl (take 2)                   Rockstar RSR CD 003
Uh Oh Little Girl (take 3-6)                 unissued
Uh Oh Little Girl (take 7)                   Rockstar RSR CD 003

Don Deal
Don't Push                                   ACE Chiswick 1 (is this 166?)
Wanderin' Wanderer                           Era LP track?
My Love For Thee                             Era unissued 
True Blue                                    Era unissued
- Eddie is not playing on above 

Bob Denton 
That's All Right Mama                        Rockstar RSR CD 011
It's Nothing To Me                           Dot unissued
Love Me So I'll Know (alt.)                  Lonely LP 2217
I'm Sending You This Record (alt.)           Lonely LP 2217
- single versions have overdubbed gtr/mandolin. There's some studio chat on LP.

Bob Denton & Eddie Cochran
Sick & Tired                                 Rockstar RSR CD 009

Eddie Cochran & Chuck Foreman
Rockin' It                                   Rockstar RSR CD 011
Gambler's Guitar *                           Rockstar RSR CD 011
Jammin' With Jimmy                           Rockstar RSR CD 011
Tenderly                                     Rockstar RSR CD 011
Steelin The Blues *                          Rockstar RSR CD 011
Two Of A Kind                                Rockstar RSR CD 011
Stardust                                     Rockstar RSR CD 011
Candy Kisses *                               Rockstar RSR CD 011
Chuck & Eddie's Boogie                       Rockstar RSR CD 011
In The Mood                                  Rockstar RSR CD 011
I'll See You In My Dreams                    Rockstar RSR CD 011
Hearts Of Stone *                            Rockstar RSR CD 011
Cannonball Rag *                             Rockstar RSR CD 011
Blue Gypsy *                                 Rockstar RSR CD 011
The Poor People Of Paris *                   Rockstar RSR CD 011
She Done Give Her Heart To Me *              Rockstar RSR CD 011
Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young *            Rockstar RSR CD 011
Water Baby Blues *                           Rockstar RSR CD 011
Stardust (backing track) *                   Rockstar RSR CD 011
Two Of A Kind (backing track) *              Rockstar RSR CD 011
* Eddie Cochran only

The Four Dots 
Take My Hand (I'm Lonely) (takes 1-2)        Unissued
Take My Hand (I'm Lonely) (take 3)           Rockstar RSR CD 001
Take My Hand (I'm Lonely) (takes 4-5)        Unissued
Take My Hand (I'm Lonely) (take 6)           Rockstar RSR LP 1009
                                             Rockstar RSR CD 003
Take My Hand (I'm Lonely) (takes 7-8)        Unissued
Take My Hand (I'm Lonely) (take 9)           Rockstar RSR LP 1009
                                             Rockstar RSR CD 003
Don't Wake Up The Kids                       Freedom F-44005
                                             Rockstar JGR 1001
                                             United Artists FREE 16
                                             Capehart LP 5003
                                             ECB 1
Pleading For Your Love                       Freedom F-44005
                                             Astra ASLP 1002
Fontella (takes 1-4)                         Unissued
Fontella (take 5)                            Rockstar RSR LP 1009
                                             Rockstar RSR CD 003
Fontella (take 6)                            Rockstar RSR CD 010
Fontella (take 7)                            Unissued
Once More (takes 1)                          Unissued
Once More (takes 2-5)                        Rockstar RSR LP 1009
                                             Rockstar RSR CD 003
Once More (take 6)(master)                   Rockstar RSR LP 1009
                                             Rockstar RSR CD 003
Once More (takes 7-21)                       Unissued
Once More (take 22)                          Rockstar RSR CD 010
Bread Fred (takes 1-4)                       Unissued
Bread Fred (take 5, master)(vcl)             Rockstar RSR CD 003
Bread Fred (take 6)                          Rockstar RSR EP 2007
Bread Fred (take 7)                          Rockstar RSR LP 1009
Hide & Go Seek (takes 1-3)                   Unissued
Hide & Go Seek (take 4)                      Rockstar RSR LP 1009
                                             Rockstar RSR CD 003
Hide & Go Seek (takes 5-6)                   Unissued
If I Were Dying (takes 1-3)                  Unissued
If I Were Dying (take 4)                     Rockstar RSR CD 003
If I Were Dying (take 5)(master)             Conifer CFRC 505
                                             Rockstar RSR CD 003
Albert "Jerry" Stone with The Four Dots
It's Heaven (Take 1)                         Rockstar RSR LP 1021
                                             Rockstar RSR CD 003
It's Heaven (Take 2)                         Freedom F-44002
It's Heaven (Take 3/false start)             Unissued
My Baby (She Loves Me) (takes 1-12)          Unissued
My Baby (She Loves Me) (take 13)             Rockstar RSR CD 003
My Baby (She Loves Me) (take 14)             Freedom F-44002
                                             Rockstar RSR CD 003

Bob Kelly 
This is quote from Bob's email to me:
"While I am rambling along here----- I had a song that I played for Eddie Cochran 
and his manager (who was a real double talking, Jive Ass, Crook) and Eddie liked 
the song so I gave them a Demo Record----not a tape back them in l957.  I thought 
they were going to record it----and they did----but they changed it just enough so
his manager said that they didnt have to pay me for the writing-----so they Didn't. 
Anyway----the song ended up as "C'mon Everybody". I will send you my version and 
the first version from Eddie and then the Final Version after they really changed 
it. So, he had a Great Hit---and I got Nothing.  I dont blame Eddie because he 
really was a great guy----but I do blame his Money Grubbin Manager.  That kind of 
thing went on a lot in the record business of the 50's.

The Kelly Four (* issued as Jewel & Eddie)
Guybo (version 1)                            Rockstar RSR EP 2012
Guybo (various out-takes)                    Rockstar RSR LP 1009
Guybo (version 2)(a.k.a. Drum City)          Silver 1001
Strollin' Guitar                             Silver 1001
Strollin' Guitar (various out takes)         Rockstar RSR LP 1009
Did You Ever **                              Rockstar RSRCD 010
** vocals by Jewel & Eddie? 

Gary Lambert & possibly Eddie Cochran
Guitar Boogie In High                        Unissued
Boogie Woogie Breakdown                      Sunjay SJLP 582
Tea For Two                                  Sunjay SJCD 594
Dixie                                        Sunjay SJLP 582
Jersey Bounce                                Sunjay SJCD 594
T.D.'s Boogie                                Sunjay SJCD 594
Rock Around The Clock                        Sunjay SJCD 594
Memphis Blues                                Sunjay SJCD 594
Rock-A-Bye Boogie                            Sunjay SJCD 594
Elmer's Tune                                 Sunjay SJCD 594
Bye Bye Blues                                Sunjay SJCD 594
Steel Guitar Rag                             Sunjay SJCD 594
High Rocking Swing                           Sunjay SJCD 594
St. Louis Blues                              Sunjay SJCD 594
Jazz Me Blues                                Sunjay SJCD 594
Wabash Blues                                 Sunjay SJCD 594
Birth Of The Blues                           Sunjay SJCD 594
Til I Waltz Again With You                   Sunjay SJCD 594
Blue Steel Blues                             Sunjay SJCD 594
Panhandle Rag                                Sunjay SJCD 594
Gary's Tune                                  Sunjay SJLP 582
+ 18 other instrumentals

Jimmy Merritt
Heart Stealin' Darlin                         acetate
Sharecropper                                  acetate

Tommy Law
Loose Juice                                  White Label WLP 8886
- The same song was released under the title of "Cool Juice" on Crest. This slightly 
alternate version is taken from a scratchy acetate. 

Al Perkins Lee
One Sweet Tomorrow                           Unissued

Jack Lewis
Toodle-Oo                                    ACE CDCHD 768
- released under different title "Tood-A-Loo" on Rockstar LP RSR LP 1019

Yvonne Lime
Ting-A-Ling Telephone                        Rockstar RSRCD 010

Buddy Lowe
It Happened To Me (alt)                      ECB 1
- the guitar solos are different from the 45 release

Lynn Marshall
Borrowed Love (alt.)                         Rockstar RSP LP 1019
You'll Find Out (alt.)                       Rockstar RSR CD 009

Paula Morgan
Someone To Love Me                           Rockstar RSRCD 010
I Hang My Head And Cry                       Rockstar RSRCD 010
- Demon recordings

Ray Stanley
Kiss And Make Up                             Rockstar RSR LP 1009
Equator                                      Rockstar RSR CD 010
Half Loved                                   Rockstar RSR CD 010
Let's Get Acquainted (demo)                  unissued 
Common Sense (demo)                          unissued
- Teen Queens recorded "Kiss And Make Up" as "Let's Make Up" (RPM)

Gene Vincent
Wildcat (UK live)                            Rockstar RSP LP 1004
My Heart (UK live)                           Unissued
Dance In The Street (UK live)                Unissued
My Babe (UK live with Marty Wilde, Billy Fury, etc.) Unissued
- released only on a private CD

Eddie Cochran & Gene Vincent
White Lightnin'                              United Artists UAS 29380

Derry Weawer
Lovin' I'm Wastin' (takes 1-3)               Rockstar RSR CD 003
Itty Bitty Betty                             Rockstar RSR LP 1009
Bad Baby Doll (takes 1-3)                    Rockstar RSR LP 1009
- some unissued home recordings exist

This is a quote from Phil Dirt's Reverb Central:
"Hi - I'm Derry Weaver, the writer of 'Moon Dawg' and 'LSD-25' by The Gamblers. 
Had to send you some mail to thank you and give you a brief history of what I did 
before and after we did 'Moon Dawg.' When I first came to Hollywood I lived with 
Sharon Sheely, her mom and Mary Jo. Sharon wrote 'Poor Little Fool' for Rick Nelson. 
Sharon was Eddie Cochran's girlfriend. Eddie was teaching me some neat guitar stuff. 
Quoting Eddie, 'When you learn these licks, you will be able to play in any band and 
you will never be broke.' He also said, 'You've got to have that driving bass and 
drums.' Jerry Capehart was Eddie's manager - he liked my songs and we did a record 
called 'Sweet Mary Jo' / 'Edge of Town.' After Eddie was gone I did 'Street Fight'/ 
'Miss Muffet.' 'Streetfight' got banned in the southern states - died! Then we did 
'Moon Dawg.' Sharon brought The Diamonds to my birthday and celebration party for 
cutting 'Moon Dawg.' Soon after I was on the road with Gary Paxton and the 
Hollywood Argyles. 'Alley-Oop' had pre-orders for over two million copies in 30 days. 
There's a million stories for that one. 
Eddie Cochran & Carl West
Remington Ride                               Rockstar RSR CD 011

Gary Williams & Eddie Cochran
I'll See You In My Dreams            (Eddie) Rockstar RSR CD 009
Goodbye My Bluebell                  (Eddie) Rockstar RSR CD 009
Dallas County Jail Blues (version-1) (G.W.)  Rockstar RSR CD 009
T.B. Blues                           (G.W.)  Rockstar RSR CD 009
Dallas County Jail Blues (version-2) (G.W.)  Rockstar RSR CD 009
Dobro Breaks                         (G.W.)  Rockstar RSR CD 009

Unidentified vocalists (possibly Austin Brothers)
Patent Pending                               Rockstar LP 1022
Pedal-Pushin' Baby                           Rockstar LP 1022

Rockstar purchased two acetates from Jerry Capehart in 1978. Jerry claimed that 
both titles, "Patent Pending" and "Pedal-Pushin' Baby", feature the Cochran 
Brothers, Derek Glenister supposed that these were recorded in 1955/1956.

These recordings are possibly by the The Austin Brothers who recorded for San Francisco based Black Jack label owned by Black Jack Wayne (and his brother jazz guitarist Chuck Wayne?). Cochran Brothers are known to have worked with Wayne Brothers. Austin Brothers had also another 45 "Patent Pending"/"One Stolen Moment" (Boulevard 101) rel. 1959.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unidentified vocalist ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- He's Graduating Rockstar RSR CD 008 - the song was recorded also by Mamselle's and released on Vik. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unidentified vocalist poss. Bob Luman or Bill Barton or George Morgan ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guitar Picker Rockstar RSR CD 009 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unidentified vocalist ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Little Angel Rockstar RSR CD 010 - Jewel Akens or could this be Dick Banks who recorded a song with same title around this time in Hollywood. Here's a quote from the liner notes of "Other Kings" LP on Revival
"Al Bennett chose what he felt were best two recordings from the session and 
released them immediately after Eddie Cochran's "Summertime Blues". Eddie's song 
became a best-seller but the Dick Banks release failed to make the charts. Dick 
Banks toured extensively to try to promote the release, but even his appearance 
on American Bandstand (July 28, 1958) failed to produce significant sales. Despite 
lack of sales Bozeman, Banks and Bennett remeined confident. Al Bennett arranged 
for another session and this time it was completed in Hollywood. Unfortunately 
none of the four completed songs was released...from the discography:
Liberty #55145 Dirty Dog/Too Late
- Unreleased material from same session "Just Like You" and "Be Faithful To Me"
- Unreleased material from Hollywood session, "Little Angel" and "I Love You 
Better That Way" plus two others for which titles are unknown.

HOT ROD GANG - THE MUSIC - Here's a session discography of the movie "Hot Rod Gang" 
1. Untitled instrumental, over opening credits (1.10) 
Eddie Cochran, gtr - Mike Henderson, ts - Gene Riggio, dms - unknown, pno - 
unknown, bs
2. "Hit And Run Lover" (2.05) (1st Youth Club Scene) 
John Ashley, vcl - Eddie Cochran, gtr - Mike Henderson, ts - Gene Riggio, dms - 
unknown, pno - unknown, bs - unknown, 2nd ts
Actors/Musicians miming in the film
John Ashley, vcl - Dick D'Agostin, gtr - Mike Henderson, ts - Gene Riggio, dms - 
unknown, pno - unknown, string bs - unknown, 2nd ts
3. Untitled instrumental, (1.04) (incomplete) (2nd Youth Club Scene)
4. Untitled slow dance instrumental, (0.33) (incomplete) 
Eddie Cochran, gtr - Mike Henderson, ts - Gene Riggio, dms - unknown, pno - 
unknown, bs - unknown, 2nd ts
Actors/Musicians miming in the film
Dick D'Agostin, gtr - Mike Henderson, ts - Gene Riggio, dms - unknown, pno - 
unknown, string bs - unknown, 2nd ts
5. "Dance In The Street" (2.00)
Gene Vincent, vcl - Johnny Meeks, ld gtr - Clifton Simmons, pno - 
Grady Owen, rhythm gtr - Bobby Jones, el bs - Juvey Gomez, dms 
- Tommy Facenda, clapper boy - Paul Peek, clapper boy
6. Annie Laurie (2.08)
John Ashley, vcl - Eddie Cochran, gtr - Mike Henderson, ts - Gene Riggio, dms - 
unknown, pno - unknown, bs - unknown, 2nd ts
Actors/Musicians miming in the film
John Ashley, vcl - Mike Henderson, ts - Johnny Meeks, ld gtr - 
Clifton Simmons, pno - Grady Owen, rhythm gtr - Gene Riggio, dms - 
Tommy Facenda, clapper boy - Paul Peek, clapper boy
Bobby Jones is absent from the set for "Annie Laurie" although his electric bass 
is seen resting against Johnny Meeks¹ amplifier - but mysteriously disappears by 
the end of the number.
7. Baby Blue (2.18)
Gene Vincent, vcl - Johnny Meeks, ld gtr - Bobby Jones, el bs - Max Lipscomb, pno 
- Dickie Harrell, dms - Tommy Facenda - backing vocal - Paul Peek, backing vocal
Actors/Musicians miming in the film
Gene Vincent, vcl - Johnny Meeks, ld gtr - Bobby Jones, el bs - Clifton Simmons, pno - 
Grady Owen, rhythm gtr - Gene Riggio, dms Tommy Facenda, vcl & "Facenda Freeze" - 
Paul Peek, backing vcl

The interesting feature here is that Gene Riggio has replaced Juvey Gomez as 
drummer on "Baby Blue" sequence in the film.
8. Annie Laurie (2.08)
John Ashley, vcl - Eddie Cochran, gtr - Mike Henderson, ts - Gene Riggio, 
dms - unknown, pno - unknown, bs - unknown, 2nd ts
Actors/Musicians miming in the film
John Ashley, vcl - Dick D'Agostin, gtr - Mike Henderson, ts - Gene Riggio, 
dms - unknown, pno - unknown, string bs - unknown, 2nd ts
"Lovely Loretta" by Gene Vincent is heard on the Jukebox only, in one of the 
Youth Club scenes. An additional song by John Ashley heard in the film seems to 
feature a different set of musicians that do not include Eddie Cochran. The John 
Ashley songs and instrumental segments were almost certainly recorded at Gold Star 
studios, Hollywood during the early part of 1958 and supervised by Jerry Capehart.
Someone once claimed that Eddie is on Frank Pizani's "Angry" (Bally 1040) and 
someone else even identified the guitarist, but I don't remember who it was,
there's Lew Douglas orch. backing on this and several other Bally 45s. Is it Rene 
Hall? Bally was from Chicago (like Argo), but there's obvious Hollywood connection, 
because Gaynel Hodge & The Turks and Jeri Jordan recorded for Bally too. Could it 
be Eddie, listen to the backup vocals on "Angry"...  
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