From: (Peter Landstreet)
Subject: Here comes the son...

From the Birth Announcements, Toronto Globe and Mail, July 13, 1991:

B.A.G. (Brad) Riddoch and L.M. (Linda) Riddoch, the senior partners of Riddoch, Riddoch and Riddoch, formerly Riddoch and Riddoch, are pleased to announce the appointment of Blake Andrew Harrison Riddoch as Son. He will report jointly to Mr. and Mrs. Riddoch.

As son Mr. Blake Riddoch's immediate responsibilities will include eating, crying, sleeping and waste management. He will be located at Head Office in Toronto.

Blake assumed his responsibilities June 30, 1991 at 19:53 hours, weighing in at 7 pounds 13 ounces with placement by Dr. Josie Tenore. Formerly of The Womb, he brings 9 months extensive production and development experience to his new position.

Riddoch, Riddoch and Riddoch is family owned and operated...

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