The Politically Incorrect Collection

Here are some stories, mostly so-called "urban folklore".

Many of these are very much Politically Incorrect, of bad taste, or otherwise reprehensible. If you get offended, you deserve it - who told you to read this? On the other hand, I have to warn you that some of these may be just plain funny and harmless.

(yuk)Announcing a new partner in operation
(yuk)A request for sick leave
(yuk)Contrast in Problem Solving
(yuk)Creators admit UNIX and C is a hoax
(yuk)Darwin Award
(yuk)Divert your Course
(yuk)DNA: Mystery Solved
(yuk)Do you know who I am
(yuk)A New Element
(yuk)Engineers Explained
(yuk)Famous words in the Moon
(yuk)Favourite Newspaper Headlines
(yuk)In a hurry are we, sir?
(yuk)A company language memo
(yuk)Have you broken a law?
(yuk)Macintosh is Catholic and MS-DOS is Protestant
(yuk)A memorable skiing incident
(yuk)Men who use computers are the new Sex Symbols of the `90s
(yuk)Message to the Moon
(yuk)Politically Correct UNIX(tm)
(yuk)Quotable Quotes
(yuk)Russian soldiers obey orders
(yuk)Software architecture
(yuk)The dog that barked before telephone rang
(yuk)The faithful Pope
(yuk)The new maid
(yuk)The Union dog
(yuk)Things to keep in mind
(yuk)Three stories
(yuk)Total Quality Management
(yuk)Why we love politicians
(yuk)The Windshield Test
(yuk)The Woman

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