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Personal Information

Name: Tapio Väisänen (b. 3-Nov-1965)
Wife: Johanna (b. 1966)
Daughter: Jenni (b. 1991) 
Son: Tomi (b. 1993)
Place of residence: Vantaa


*I'm the Managing Director and Senior Partner in a company called:

Personal Interests

*Record collecting & music

Rockabilly, 50's rock & roll, doowop, rhythm & blues, surf instrumentals, Jamaican ska, country & western, 60's girl groups. I'm mostly interested in vinyl LPs and 45s and if you have anything for sale, see my want list

*Favorite bands and artists

Eddie Cochran R&R Hall of Fame
Eddie Cochran
Dale Hawkins (Best Of CD)

Dale Hawkins
see the discograhy

Dale Hawkins (2nd pic)

Carl Perkins, Charlie Feathers, Bobby Roberts, Tommy Lam, Maylon Humphries, Eddie Bond, Gene Summers, Elvis Presley, Ral Donner plus many Doowop or R&B vocal groups like "5" Royales, Du Droppers, Clovers,...

*Favorite modern bands

The Barnshakers, Dave and Deke Combo, James Intveld, The Ranch Girls, Slap Sally Combo

*Favorite "old" records

Eddie Cochran: 12 of His Biggest Hits
Dale Hawkins: Oh Suzy-Q!
Carl Perkins: Dance Album
Charlie Feathers & Mac Curtis: Rockabilly Kings

*Favorite modern records

Dave & Deke Combo: Hollywood Barn Dance
Barnshakers: Honky Tonk Session
The Ranch Girls and The Ragtime Wranglers: Rhythm On The Ranch
Go Cat Go: 10" Mini-LP
James Intveld: Introducing 10"
High Noon: Stranger Things
Wildfire Willie & The Ramblers: Gettin' My Kicks, 10"

Phil Trigwell & The Deputies: It Wasn't The Moonlight
Go Cat Go: Let's Hear Once Again For..., CD
Jack Baymoore & The Bandits, 10"

Eddie Cochran: 12 of his Biggest Hits


Favorite writers: Raymond Chandler, Thomas Harris, Dashiell Hammett


Brown Ales, Bitters, Salmiakki Koskenkorva, Cooking Mexican & Chinese food, 10" records, Women

Contact Information

Email tapiov (at) pcuf.fi 

*Telephone +358-40-556 7824
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