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I was born in von Heideken, Turku, Finland at Friday 2nd of March 1979 some time near 7.50 PM and weighted a little over 4 kilos. I was a heck of a road runner at the age of 2. My parents had to baby-sit me all the time, so I couldn't make reckless practical jokes. My worst little Einsteiner was trying to make a short circuit by connecting 1.5 volt light bulb and a piece of wire to a socket under our double-decked bed. Happily no serious damage was made, if you do not count little carbon layer inside the socket and on the tips of my fingers. We, me and my brother and two sisters, did also terrorize our dad's stereo equipment by trying to sing by notes and making noise near microphone plugged to the tape recorder. Later on my teens, with a little assistance from my lovely father, we had to listen those recordings faces turning nearer red than normal.. There would be some job to do with a sledge hammer, but sadly it was locked to our garage at the time ;).