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I do all kinds of little jobs for my own pleasure. Every time I have enough parts and a screw driver and a pair of pliers will be enough steady in my hands, I run to disassemble and/or repair my fathers or my own computers. Not all times they work after my repairs, if even safe at the concern of electric insulation. One of the many test units, some ten kilos weighting Motorola Unix, that was not blessed with processor quality, had to survive a little beauty surgery when I disassembled it to a pieces not a little smaller than my finger tips. I have not forgotten my skill of programming, so if you want to hear what I have done since I started or what will I next do, or plan to do, you should put some e-mail and I will send you a small list of my dones and dids. Little assistance at coding is always welcome, and in some day, some (parts) of my old projects will become very handy accessory(-ies).

My current platform is:

  1. AMD Athlon XP 2200 @ 1800 MHz
  2. Intel Pentium 4 @ 1600 MHz

Active, upcoming and idle projects:

Active Finnish Social Security Number Checker/Generator (Not very legal to use generated numbers, but is legal to just check them)
Active OLE/COM Validity Checker (There is plenty of things that Microsoft has not thought when releasing the guidelines)
Upcoming More OLE/COM Validity Tools (Need more programmers to start)
Idle Extended Text Editing Controls
Idle Simple Encryption Hacker for DOS (Made with Turbo Pascal)
Idle Advanced File Viewer for DOS (Also made with Turbo Pascal)
Idle about 50 more programs written in Turbo Pascal by Borland
Idle VQF music file viewer (does not yet play them (playing code needs to be licensed), just show information embedded with them)
Idle Math Grid Control to draw different angled lines (great for people studying trigonometrics)
Idle International Support for Perl-based WWW-services (Used in Samba <-> WWW gateway SMB2WWW)
Active Cygwin port of irssi (IRC client). More...
Active Universal Ozone, Translatable muscle client based on Ozone.