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26.12.2000 About 12 months ago overlapped the year from 1999 to 2000, that all ADP-aware so beware. To be truthful, not all programs or accessories/appliances worked totally properly even in the year of 1999. At least my own favorite, the ZanySoft ZDir, decided that year 1999 should be interpreted as year '35. Was it some kind of sun spot, because year 2002 looked all right as year '02. I can see that it couldn't put four number years no else place than present date, that surprisingly showed at that time (in 1999) correctly.
10.4.2001 New hardware arrived. Old Pentium 166 took last breathes and I lost my newest - written in 2 weeks before crash - source codes.
25.2.2002 Moved to my own apartment.
24.6.2002 Moving to a bigger apartment.
22.12.2014 Got my counter-balance forklift license.