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For only my beloved English-reading audience, I present my likes and dislikes. To be able to interact with each other in the wide world of Internet, ones must know the basics of the individuals of the nearby groups. If you want to know other secrets and insights of me and my work, just write to me to one of the addresses found on the contacts page .


Best Movie Director Europe: Luc Besson
America: Quentin Tarantino
Best Book Writer John Grisham
Best Cartoon The Flintstones
Best Cartoon Music Asterix & Obelix In America
Best Female Actress Europe: Milla Jovovich
America: Sandra Bullock
Best Male Actor Europe: Jean Reno
America: John Travolta
Best TV Series Europe: Heartbeat
America: Roswell
Best Movie Character Leeloo in The Fifth Element
Best Song by Lyrics Little Light of Love by Eric Serra
Best Song by Mood Heartbeat by Buddy Holly
Best Idea for songs Snoopy and the Red Baron by The Royal Guardsmen

Things I like in people


Worst Cartoon South Park

Note: I will add more dislikes when I remember all the English equivalents of the names. It is hard for a person, who speaks many languages (I speak four of them: Finnish, Swedish, English and German) to remember all translations between them. If you mail to me, just use English or Finnish, because they are the two best ones.

Things I dislike in people