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Typos & Other errors not corrected in current programs

When companies making computer programs get bigger and bigger, quality control becomes bigger challenge. Here is some errors I found in Windows Me and programs installed with it. If you know more, please send me brief description.

Program file part Description
Shell shdocvw.dll Resource:REGINST %DESC_SearchAssistant% is misspelled as %DESK_SearchAssistant%
IE mshtml.dll Resource:REGINST Missing definition for %Trident API%
IE mshtml.dll Resource:REGINST Missing definition for %Microsoft Image Element Browse Property Page%
IE mshtml.dll Resource:REGINST Missing definition for %Microsoft Document Browse Property Page%
Outlook Express wabfind.dll Resource:REGINST %STR_WABFIND_FIND_PEOPLE% does not match with %STR_WABFIND_WAB_PEOPLE%
License Manager licmgr10.dll - There is no need for quotation marks in class name

Other notes

Note (for developers)

Above information is not made available to disrespect any rights that your local laws or regulations grants to you. It is merely declaration of customers right to get finished products in reasonably price. No update or upgrade should cost more than the original product. If you notice that you have fixed something reported above or know that a fix is available, please send me e-mail and any information that will help me and others to also get around that problem. I will then add link to the fix beside the problem description.

Not the worst but maybe the best picks

If you know a good program and want to share it with others, you can mail me and I will add it to a list below. Programs marked with (*) are the ones that I use the most.